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Deals Right Now : For finding the best deals in offline stores

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Finding the latest discount coupons and deals going on at ecommerce websites is not hard. Several websites and apps like Sign In Deals and Voodoo App are available for the purpose. However, finding the ongoing deals and discounts at offline stores is not that easy.

But recently I learnt about a brand new app that can alert the users of the latest and trending deals going on in markets near them. This app is called Deals Right NowDRN is a new age proximity marketing solution that helps consumers to discover deals, offers & promotions within 500 meter radius of their location. While it helps consumers to discover latest deals, it also helps the retailers in attracting more customers.

Tarun Bhargava, Co-Founder & CEO, Deals Right Now, says, “DRN is a hyper local application that helps user finds best deals in the offline market, allowing them the flexibility to add their favorite locations and markets. The platform prides itself in being transparent and real time, providing relevant information to consumers each time. Consumers don’t spend time searching; they simply discover deals on the basis of their preferences. With DRN, we hope to integrate online and offline experiences for their consumers and create value for merchants as well.”

Deals Right Now was launched in January 2016. Currently, it only has deals from the markets of Delhi. These include Lajpat Nagar, Sarojini Nagar, Tilak Nagar, Rajouri, Karol Bagh, Kalkaji, GK, Kamla Nagar, Khan Market, Pritampura, Laxmi Nagar, Noida – Sector 18 and Connaught Place. DRN is compatible on both IOS and Android phones.

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Here are the important features of the Deals Right Now:

Trending Deals:

The app showcases the trending deals advertised by the retailers. If users like a deal, they can click on it and check out the retailer’s address and details of the deal. Users can set the category of deals they are interested in to finetune the deals shown to them on the app.

Favourite market:

Users can set their favoruite markets to stay updated with the latest and trending deals in those markets.

Deals near you:

Based upon the current location of the user, the app shows deals available within 500 metres radius of the user. So if a user is near any market, he or she can see the deals available at retailers in that market. Every time the app finds a DRN registered retailer nearby offering a deal, it alerts the user.


When a user selects a deal being advertised on the app, they can ask for the coupon for the deal. This coupon request is sent to the merchant. The merchant accepts the request and sends the coupon to the user on the app. Now, the user just needs to visit the retailer and use the coupon to get the deal.

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User Interface:

The user interface of the app is quite simple. Users need to register before they can take advantage of the deals on the app. For this, they need to give their phone number and email address. They can then login using their phone number and password. It has 3 tabs. One shows the deals in the vicinity. One shows the Trending deals in all markets in Delhi. One shows the deals in the Favourite markets of the user. Tapping on the deal gives information about the deal and address of the retailer. From here, user can tap on the button and request the deal coupon. There are plans to allow the user to pay to the retailer using the app’s wallet, but this feature is not available yet.

Payment Methods:

Following the currency notes change in India, DRN has enabled online payment methods to help users pay more easily to retailers. These methods include net banking, credit card, debit card, e-wallets and chat pays. DRN promises to make sure that the merchant receives this money in his account the following day.

Overall, I liked the Deals Right Now app quite a lot. It is like a bridge between customers and offline retailers. And it will profit both. However, currently only retailers from Delhi are registered on it. So only deals available in Delhi are shown on it. That is why I could only check out the app but not try its services. I do hope that its services will soon be available in other cities too so more and more consumers and retailers can profit from it. It does sound like a very good idea.

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