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There are companies, organizations, institutions and so on. Once in a while, from the crowd of all these, there rises a name that becomes a force. A force the propels advancements of not just itself but of others too. A force that shakes things up and brings about major changes. Amazon is undoubtedly one such name. It revolutionized the way we shop and sell. It revolutionized the way we read books. Through its Kindle Direct Publishing, it shook up the publishing industry and created a force of self-published authors. And now, it is giving startups a chance to showcase their products to global consumers through Amazon Launchpad.

Today, on 5th December, 2016, Amazon Launchpad has started its operations in India too. So even Indian startups now have a chance to take benefit of it and sell their innovative products to worldwide customers using Amazon’s infrastructure. This is a major development that would surely help India’s rising startup community and would contribute to Indian government’s Start-up India’ initiative.

While talking about the Amazon Launchpad’s arrival in India, Amit Agarwal, VP and Country Head, Amazon India said, “Amazon has always encouraged and supported innovation. By bringing Amazon Launchpad to India, we are excited to support the Government’s ‘Start-up India’ initiative and encourage innovation from the Indian start-up community. India has great minds which invent amazing products and we will support their growth by helping customers discover their new products not just in India but other countries around the world. We hope that Amazon Launchpad has a positive impact on the economy by further promoting ‘Make in India, adding further impetus to the current interest in Indian Startups and also creating additional employment opportunities.”

Amazon Launchpad in India:Amazon launchpad in India

Globally, Amazon Launchpad works with over 100 venture capital firms, crowd-funding services, and accelerators/incubators. For Indian Amazon Launchpad, has partnered with Startup India, NASSCOM 10K and Indian Angel Network (IAN) etc. to help identify and enroll promising Startups. It has also tied up with various strategic partners such as DIPP’s Start Up India initiative, NITI Aayog, Government of Maharashtra, Government of Telangana and TiE etc. which enables it to offer Startups a streamlined on-boarding experience.

Launchpad Benefits for startups:

Amazon Launchpad helps startups with innovative products to launch, market and distribute their products globally. The Launchpad gives enrolled startups access to custom product pages (with images, videos and interaction with founders), marketing support to help in product discovery, and advantage of Amazon’s global customer base & fulfilment network. With all this support, it can greatly diminish the challenges startups face while launching their products and increase the chances of success of the products.

Of course, startups can sell their products on as usual even without participating in the Launchpad. But the amazon Launchpad members will get more visibility and support to rise above the competition.

How to take part in Amzon Launchpad:

Startups interested in taking part in the Launchpad program can do so by filling a form and submitting the fee of Rs. 5000. The application would then be evaluated by Startups who are supported by the partners of Launchpad like Startup India will have quicker access to the Launchpad. Any startup from any part of India can take advantage of the program. To be selected, they must have a unique and innovative product ready-to-ship and compliant with Amazon policies.

Benefits for customers:

Amazon Launchpad is beneficial not just for the sellers. It also gives Amazon customers a chance to find and buy unique and innovative new products. All the Indian Launchpad products are available in product listings. Customers can also browse through them by visiting The Indian Launchpad already features over 400 innovative products. Out of these, 25 are from Indian startups. The products includes gadgets, food items, lifestyle products, health products and so on.

Range of products:

I had the opportunity to check out some of these products. And I can tell you that they were really unique and innovative! Here are some of them:


Ice Orb Floating Bluetooth Speaker: This is a very unique looking speaker that floats 10mm above its magnetic base. It can be used as portable speaker without its base too. The base has a built-in USB port which can even be used to charge tablets or smartphones. These speakers look really cool.

Lechal Smart Navigation and Fitness Tracking Insoles and Buckles: These are smart devices for your shoes. These smart soles and buckles pair up with the Lechal app in the smartphone. Once a destination is set in the app, the smart soles and buckles can guide you through the route by heptic feedback. While these can be used by anyone, they might prove to be of valuable help to visually impaired people. Lechal insoles and buckles also have fitness tracking features like counting steps, measuring the distance travelled etc.

SAFER Smart Jewellery- Pendant: It’s a gorgeous looking pendant that is also an emergency alarm system. With the double-press of a button behind it, it can send SOS Alerts to pre-selected contacts. It can also share current location and help the user to navigate to the nearest hospital or police station. It can also give alerts for phone notifications and help as a remote control for taking photos through your connected smartphone’s camera.


These and many other innovative products are showcased on the amazon Launchpad. So head over to and check them out.

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