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#AppReview : Trip Tap Toe – A Chat Based Travel App

Trip Tap Toe review

Numerous apps and websites are available now to help travellers plan and arrange their trip. Services like TripAdvisor make it easy to check reviews of various hotels and resorts. And websites and apps like Make My Trip, Ease My Trip, Wego make it very easy to books flights and hotels. We now even have apps like Travelyaari that can help in making bus booking from the comfort of our home. And then, of course, we can also use apps to book cabs while travelling.

However, many people might not feel comfortable in making a travel plan without the personal touch of a travel agent. Some might even feel the need to put forward some queries whose answers are not available at the usual travel apps and websites.

I recently checked out a travel app which is different from all these and has more of a personal touch. This is Trip Tap Toe concierge.

Trip Tap Toe chat based travel app
Sample of Trip Tap Toe chats

Chat Based Travel App:

Trip Tap Toe is a chat based app which connects user with travel assistants. These are people trained to deliver best travel related suggestions. They have been trained to offer the most suitable travel related suggestions and answer the travel-related queries of the users. Users can easily discuss with them about their destinations, hotels and flights. Based upon the users’ requests, these travel buddies can even negotiate to get their clients a better deal from hotels etc.

Chat History:

Users can discuss with these travel assistants for as long as they want. But there is no compulsion to end the chat with a booking. The app has the History feature. All the chats get archived in the History section and can be accessed later.

Travel Assistance at every step:

Through its global network of operators or travel assistants, Trip Tap Toe aims at helping the users at every step of the travel cycle. From discovery to planning and negotiations to final booking, the Trip Tap Toe travel buddies can help through it all. They can offer suggestions about any tourist destination in the world, answer queries, negotiate on the user’s behalf and make final booking.


Chat based travel assistance is the main feature of the app. However, it also has a section called Experiences. This section carries various travel related articles. These can be browsed through by choosing activity of choice from the available options. I found these articles quite interesting and informative and perfectly suitable for travellers looking to get the best out of their intended trip.

Review of Trip Tap Toe concierge app:

Overall, I found the Trip Tap Toe concierge app quite good. It is a very new app but seems well designed and runs smoothly. The user interface is simple and easily navigable. The articles in Experiences are quite good. And while reviewing the app, I found the experience of discussing travel plans by chatting with a real person quite pleasing. It’s just like discussing with a travel agent, but on Trip Tap Toe, the discussion is free and can be carried out from the comfort of your home. The suggestions I got from the travel buddies seemed apt and suitable for the requirements I was putting forward. And the person I was chatting with remained patient despite my many demands and queries.

All in all, Trip Tap Toe is great for those looking for some quick travel related suggestions and answers and for those who hate spending hours sifting through the numerous options that other online travel  services present. With Trip Tap Toe, the travel assistants already know those options and can quickly present to you the cheapest and the most suitable option. This can save a lot of time and effort for the user.

In short, Tript Tap Toe concierge app combines the convenience of online travel services with the personal care of a travel agent.

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