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One result of smartphone era is that we are clicking more photos, but getting photo prints less. We want the smartphone with the best camera, but don’t bother to make sure our photos stay safe. Most of us just let our photos remain in phone’s memory. At best, we save them at some cloud storage service. But few of us bother to get prints of even our best shots.

It is great that we can click as many photos as we want on our phones. But we are getting away from the magic of print photos and the joy of flipping through the pages of an old album.

If you are reading this article, you must be among the ones who still love having photo prints. If you are looking for a service to print photos online in India, then let me introduce canvera.com.

Canvera - online photo printing service in India

Canvera – To help you print photos online:

Canvera is an online photo printing service headquartered in Bengaluru. This online photo printing service uses HP’s Indigo Digital Press technology to get high-quality photo prints. Canvera’s prints are tearing-resistant and weather / water proof.

Canvera’s expertise in photobook printing has been twice awarded the Best Photobook in Asia Pacific. The company won the annual HP Digital Print Awards in 2008 and 2009. Canvera also won the Best Innovation in Technology award by Asian Photography magazine. It has also won Tie-Lumis Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence in 2010.

My experience with Canvera online photo printing service:

I was introduced to Canvera when the brand launched its #Yougraphy range in Delhi. The bloggers and journalists attending the event were shown various Canvera products. We were also invited (with a gift coupon) to get our photos printed. Of course, we jumped at the chance to try out the #Yougraphy range. I ordered a Youbook, and here’s how my experience with Canvera has been:

photo album printed online

High quality photo printing:

I ordered a Youbook (album) with photos of my nephew printed on it. The only photos that I had were the ones that I had received over WhatsApp. Canvera’s photo adding tool gave warning that the photos were low resolution. So, I didn’t really expect high-quality prints in my Youbook. But Canvera surprised me by delivering high-quality prints of even low-resolution images. The book binding and the paper quality looks good too. I was also impressed by the speed of delivery. My Youbook reached me within five days of ordering it.

The #Yougraphy Range:

Besides Youbooks (albums with photos printed on pages), Canvera has several other products too. These include canvases, posters, calendars, smaller photo prints, and even accessories like wooden photo frames, magnetic ropes etc. They also have Sharebook. The Sharebooks are like Youbooks, but have perforated pages. You can tear them out and share with your friends. Sounds like a good idea for situations like school farewell, team photo etc. The products are available in different sizes, paper type (matte, glossy, velvet) and themes.

User Interface:

The website of Canvera is clean and simple. Registering on it and loading up your photos is easy and quick too. To print photos online on Canvera, you need to make an account on the site. Then you select the product you want, select the layout, theme, size or design, add your photos and order the product. You can upload photos from your computer, as well as Facebook and Instagram.

print photos online in India

All this is easy and simple if you are printing less number of photos. But if you are getting a Youbook or Sharebook with many photos, it is too hard to manage the sequence of photos. If you don’t care for the photo sequence, then it’s easy. But if you want your photos printed in a particular sequence, it is a very time consuming process. I did this. And despite being very careful, one of my photos printed twice and one was left out.


If you want to print photos online, price is an important deciding factor. Online photo printing services are genrally expensive. At Canvera, I felt the pricing to be reasonable. You may get the products for cheaper at a local offline store, but that would lack the convenience of online photo printing and the quality of HP’s Indigo Digital Press technology. At Canvera, the price of photo prints starts from Rs 10  (you need to order 12 of these small prints minimum). The price of accessories starts from Rs 250. An 8 x 10 inches photo album of 60 pages in matte finish will cost about 1500 Rs.

Overall, my experience with Canvera has been pleasant. I am delighted with the high-quality of photo prints I got. Even though I used low-resolution images, Canvera managed to deliver excellent photo prints. The speed of delivery is excellent too. And you can even print photos uploaded on Facebook or Instagram!

If you want to print photos online in India, Canvera is worth checking out.

You can know more about the Canvera #Yougraphy range at: https://www.canvera.com/products/

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