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Vu PixelHDR TV

As we race through life trying to catch every minute, it becomes hard to catch our favourite television show or movie at its set time. No wonder then that the content streaming services like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix are winning quick popularity even in India. And the number of apps and services delivering Indian content is on the rise too. We have Hungama, Eros Now and many more apps and websites available for Indian shows and movies. The best thing about these apps and websites is that they allow users to watch what they want, when they want.

The rising popularity of these services is also causing a rise in the demand of smart televisions. Earlier, a Smart TV was considered unnecessary by many Indian consumers. But as we get more addicted to watching shows and movies at our convenience, Smart Televisions are going to become a necessity too. It really is no fun watching a show like The Game of Thrones on a mobile or computer screen. When you have content like that available for consumption, you want to view it on bigger, brighter screen.

Vu Smart televisions

And hence, the rising popularity of premium range smart televisions.

However, not everyone can afford to buy a TV that costs lacks. Thankfully, there are brands like VU Televisions  that are providing affordable Smart TV sets.

Vu launched its first TV range in India about three years ago. And thanks to brand’s excellent quality and pricing strategy, Vu now holds the proud position of being number 4th in Indian Smart TV market, number one in online sales.

Now, Vu has launched a new range of Smart TVs in India. These new televisions range from affordable Smart TV sets to premium range televisions. Here’s a quick look at them:

Vu PopSmart TV - affordable Smart TV

PopSmart TV – Vu’s latest range of affordable Smart TV:

Sizes Available: 49”, 43”, and 32”

These are smart televisions designed for ease of use. PopSmart has several casting options and makes it easy to share content from computers or smartphones to the TV screen. Several Indian content apps like Hungama, Eros Now, Yupp TV are integrated in it. The remote for PopSmart TV has 4 hotkeys for quicker access to NetFlix, YouTube etc. By installing an app, users can also control the PopSmart TV via their smartphones.

Vu Office Smart TV:

Sizes Available: 75”, 65”, 55”, 49”

This Smart TV comes with in-built computer with Windows OS for PPT, Excel, Word, Outlook etc. It allows users to send emails directly to the TV. Users can access CRM software, other network files etc. directly from the Office TV. Users can just plugin their pendrive to it and start giving presentations or working on their files.

Keyboard remote of of Vu Office TV

Vu Office TV comes with a very unique remote. The remote control of Office TV has usual TV control keys on one side and a keyboard on the reverse side. Of course, the keyboard is small in size so you can’t use it to type long texts like this post. It is more like typing on a phone’s keyboard. I found this two-sided remote control quite handy and unique.

Vu PremiumSmart TV:

Sizes Available: 55”, 49”, 43”, 39”, 32”

This range of Vu smart televisions is equipped with Quad-core Internet Video Processor and the Premium OS, This range now has Overlay UI. It comes licensed with YouTube & Netflix. The remote has hot keys for these services.

Vu PremiumSmart TVs have Screen Mirroring feature enabled via Any View cast or DLNA. Content from computers, tablets or phones can be viewed on these televisions on Wi-Fi or LAN.

Vu smart tv

Vu Android TV:

Vu also launched its latest range of Android TVs. These TVs have Android OS and can access Google Play store to install Android apps.

Vu 4K UHD Iconium TV

Available Sizes: 55, 49, 43

This is Vu’s most successful range of smart televisions yet. The latest TVs in this range come with IPS/ADS display panel that prevents the ripple effect when screen is pressed. The new televisions of this range also have AmpliFi Sound for louder TV and clearer voice quality of dialogues.

Vu Premium smart TV

Vu PixelLight HDR TV Series: 

Available Sizes: 75, 65, 43, 50, 55

This range has the brightest backlight panel with HDR, giving sharper and clearer pictures. Among all the Vu TVs launched today, I liked the picture quality of this TV best. It has a Dolby DBX sound system.


65 inch (launching post Diwali)
This range too has HDR and is capable of 1000nits brightness. It has a front speaker design with DBX, Dolby DTS sound. With 8.9 mm, bezel less design, this TV is the thinnest of all the recently introduced Vu Televisions.

Price of Vu’s latest Smart TV:

Vu Smart TV price

Vu Televisions are available on Flipkart and in various Vu stores across India. Vu is also entering into partnerships with other retailers so these televisions will soon arrive at retail chains like Reliance Digital.

Although the Vu televisions are affordably priced, that doesn’t mean they are poor quality. These affordable Smart TV sets are sturdy devices, made to last. The image quality is good enough to give you a premium TV feel. Some televisions may be found wanting in sound quality though. And the user interface of Vu Smart TV didn’t seem quite as visually appealing and intuitive as I’ve seen on some other smart televisions. But Vu does let you buy good quality smart televisions at an affordable price. And that is Vu’s biggest advantage. If Vu’s rapid rise in Indian market is any indication, this advantage is serving the brand well.

Jyoti Arora

Jyoti Arora is post graduate in English Literature and Applied Psychology. Jyoti has two great passions: books and gadgets. Her love of books turned her into a novelist. You can know more about her books at jyotiarora.com. Jyoti's love of gadgets turned her into a technology blogger too and technotreats.com is the result of that.


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