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Motivational quotes wallpapers

A positive attitude goes a long way in overcoming the obstacles that life puts in our paths. And motivational words help greatly in building and sustaining that positive attitude. You can find these motivational words in self help books, videos, discourses of learned people etc.

Here, I must confess that I enjoy none of the things I mentioned above. I love reading, but I prefer fiction over self help books or other non-fiction. And I have no patience for long videos and discourses. I prefer reading motivational quotes instead. In fact, I love reading quotes! I have a whole Pinterest board devoted to words full of wisdom.

Why motivational Quotes are so awesome:

The best thing about quotations is that they pack so much wisdom in just a few words. You don’t have to spend much time on them. Yet, they can have a lasting impact on a person’s thoughts. Of course, just like food, you have to keep on taking a regular dose of these motivational quotes to keep your positive attitude charged up.

So, it might be a good idea to set your favourite quotation or quotations as your computer wallpaper.

Inspiring quotes wallpapers

Motivational Quotes Wallpapers:

I recently came across a website called Quotefancy that hosts wallpapers with motivational quotations. Of course, you’ll find such wallpapers at many places. The special thing about Quotefancy is the variety it offers.

Quotefancy has wallpapers collected in different themes like Motivational, Quotes, Success Quotes, Steve Job Quotes etc. When you click on a collection, it shows you wallpapers with various quotations. Many other websites offer that much. What Quotefancy offers more is that it offers different wallpaper options for every quotation. So, if you want a particular quotation on your computer wallpaper, you have plenty of choice for background scene.


  1. Lots of motivational and positive wallpapers cleanly arranged in various categories.
  2. There are several different wallpapers for every quotation. So, plenty of choice.
  3. If you just want to copy the quotation, you can do so by clicking on the inverted comma symbol (“) given under every image.


  1. No search option. You can’t search out wallpapers for a quotation.
  2. No mobile wallpapers. The site offers motivational quotes wallpapers only for computer screen. The wallpapers are not suitable for phones.
  3. Wallpaper backgrounds can be prettier with more vibrant images.

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