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Logos play an important part in building up a brand’s recognition. No wonder big brands spend so much money and effort to come up with a logo that is unique, relevant, and striking. But smaller businesses or individuals like website owners can’t spend so much. The good thing is that there are some websites that can help you design a logo for free. Of course, these self-designed logos can’t boast of being as innovative or unique as of bigger brands. But they can still help in building up your brand’s recognition.

DesignEvo – Free online logo maker:

DesignEvo is one website you can use to design a logo for free. The site has paid packages too that offer more features, including logo copyright. But the free option is good enough if you just need a small logo for your office stationary or website. The main restriction of the free option is that the maximum image resolution is 500 x 500 pixels. So, if you are thinking of making big posters of your logo, you’ll have to use the paid option.

DesignEvo logo maker

User interface:

DesignEvo makes it very easy to design your logo online for free. Just visit and click on the Make a Free Logo button. It will take you to design templates of various categories. Just choose the template you like and start customizing it. You can change the design’s colours, size, text etc.

Alternatively, you can start from scratch. The website allows you to search for the design or icons you want to use. The big problem here is that you cannot upload image from your computer yet. But this feature is going to be added soon.

Once you are satisfied by your design, just click on Download. If you are using the free option, the website will ask you to share its link on a social network. Do that, and you can download your free logo design. You don’t even have to register at the website to get a free design. Registration is only required for paid packages.


What I like best about DesignEvo is that designing a logo on it is very easy and simple. The user interface is easy, straightforward, and uncluttered. I do wish it allowed me to upload my own image to use in the logo. It’s good that this ability will be added soon. This free online logo offers a wide variety of design templates, which can further be customized using different colours, text, and design elements. It also offers different font styles for the logo text.

On the whole, I think DesignEvo is an excellent option for people looking for free online logo maker. It is simple to use, and has enough customization options to deliver unique logos. I think the website’s paid packages are well-priced too and quite affordable. The most expensive pack costs $39.99 and it’s a one time payment. No annual fee or subscription is required.


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