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Top 5 apps for Engineering Students

Engineering is not an easy task and neither is the education required to become an engineer easy. For a student who has just passed his intermediate exams and deems to be an Engineer, it takes a lot of efforts to be an ENGINEER by all means. With over 50 subjects to complete in merely 4 years, giving 250 exams(both Internal and Externals) and handling the pressure of Projects, Internships, Placement Drives an Engineering student has to go through a lot of sleepless nights and days of hardships.

Well, where hardship and hard work is an option, it must be made clear that it is not the only one. Smarter way of work is a more efficient, reliable, stress-less way of get things going when one is an Engineering Graduate. So, this article is about a few relevant apps that make work easier for engineering students.

Apps for Engineering Students


NPTEL app for engineering students

National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning is a joint venture of the 7 IITs (Kanpur, Delhi, Guwahati, Bombay, Kharagpur, Madras and Roorkee) and Indian Institute of Science. It is an e-learning programme which promises to provide students, video lectures delivered by the top faculties covering 266 subjects. These lectures also aim at GATE preparations. Lectures once recorded are uploaded to the National Portal making them accessible to the students.

NPTEL can be accessed through web using a Computer or on mobile phones/Tablets.

AutoCAD- DWG Viewer and Editor


AutoCAD app

The computer aided design and drafting tool which is now available for mobile phones as well. Engineering students from most of the trades use this app to view, edit and create drawings on the fly using a number of tools available in the app. As of now, this app has already crossed 10 Million downloads with an excellent rating of 4.2(of 5) in the Google Play Store. It has various measuring, unit converting, layer-managing tools that help the Engineers to perform tasks perfectly, easily and smartly at the same time.

The .dwg files can be stored in DROPBOX application, which can be later accessed on other phones or on PC. For students working on a project in groups, students can save the designs and models online which can be accessed by other members even from faraway places, that too on Mobile Phone.

ArduinoDROID- Arduino IDE

ArduinoDROID app

Arduino Droid is a 210 MB android application; it is a completed IDE which has been made available on the Android Operating System. Arduino is one of the most popular branches of engineering these days. Many Engineering students work on Arduino for various Smart Projects. The Android based IDE, provides shorthand to the students making Arduino Programming available on the go.

This App helps open/edit, compile and run Arduino sketches form your phone. Rated 4.1 with over 5 million downloads, this app is used by Computer Engineers, Electronics Engineers, Mechanical Engineers studying Robotics, Aeronautic Engineers and many more.


Dropbox app

A DropBox is cloud storage space, where people store their files, projects, etc. It syncs your data across all your devices so that the user can access them anytime, anywhere. It is of a great use to the Engineering students in a number of ways like sharing files, making shared folders accessible among your peers and friends. It forms a complete dynamic workspace. Students use this app to save their AutoCAD, ArduinoDroid, CppDroid projects, so that they can access it later from other devices. It has features like inbuilt document scanner, document editor and makes it possible to create PDF files from word documents.

All in all this app is of great necessity for the Engineering students and its collaboration with other productive apps is a boon. This app (4.4 rated & over 500 million downloads) can be downloaded from the Play Store.

EverNote – stay organized


EverNote is a note-taking app which helps to organize ones messy routine full of a number of tasks to accomplish. Yes, an Engineering student is one such person or any student or a person for that matter. Who would not need an assistant? That too on their own phone!

The EverNote app helps you to take notes in a variety of format, it be a video, picture, document or anything. It has some simply awesome features like Handwriting, sketching, using camera to take pictures or record them. It helps organize the schedule like the classes, play time etc. It can also be used as a collaborative workspace apt for academic group work.

One can clip down and highlight articles from the Internet and access them later. Most importantly, it can be accessed across all your devices once you’ve synced it which makes it accessible everywhere- at your home, class, lab or anywhere you can have an access to a digital device. It is beneficial to both regular college going students as well as students enrolled in distance courses.

This app is very helpful for students preparing for competitive exams. They can add notes and refer them later on while revising. Few top engineering exams in India include- BITSAT Exam 2018-19, VITEEE Exam 2018-19, JEE, etc.

This app has been rated 4.6 in the Google Play Store and has over 100 million downloads. It can be downloaded at-

So, these were few of the many useful apps for Engineering students and it is advisable to have them all in you Mobile Phones and PCs. For a better way to work, smarter rather than working harder, you need to tame these popular apps.

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Happy Studying!

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