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Kraftly: Shop ethnic fashion, home decor items, handicrafts & much more

Kraftly - for ethnic shopping

As a proud Indian, I believe in our country’s richness and its varied heritage. Being a country of varied culture and traditions, we have innumerable traditional arts and crafts. So much so that different parts of India specialize in producing difference types of clothes. These traditional clothes and handicraft items don’t just reflect our culture, they look great too and add colour and variety to our life. It is a fact that traditional clothes are more comfortable and better suited to the Indian climates.

However, it is sad that our traditional arts and crafts are facing a tough challenge from modern conveniences. All across India, there are people giving their lives to produce the rich artefacts and committing themselves for refining our traditional legacy. But they are having tough time selling and marketing their products.  I feel, it’s really important to put these people on to a platform where they can reach their fair audience.

And Kraftly does just that.


We now have no shortage of eCommers platforms. Numerous fashion apps and websites are available catering to our various fashion needs. Kraftly.com is a unique eCommerce platform specializing in Indian indigenous products. It creates a bridge between producers and buyers and makes it easy for people to sell their handicraft items, clothes etc.

Convenience for sellers:

Anybody with a relevant product to sell can easily sell it on Kraftly. Just download the Kraftly app. Click, Upload & Sell – it’s that easy. Simply click pictures of your unique products, list and promote to the buyers on one of the best online selling apps. It’s the fastest way to create an online store and sell stuff, including clothes, crafts, home decor online etc. on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram etc. The app allows users to create beautiful listings in 30 seconds.

Variety for Buyers:

Kraftly is an online marketplace selling a vast variety of Indian products. These include Apparels & Accessories for Men, Women and Kids, and also Home Decor items. With 5 Million+ listings, they have gift items, personalized gifts, ethnic wear, western wear, and much more. I especially liked their Gifts category where you can browse for gifts by the price range, or the occasion. And you can even have personalized gifts like cushion & pillows, mugs, photo frames etc.

Price & Payment:

Fashion is not cheap. And handicraft and hand-designed items usually have a very high price point too. However, I noticed excellent discounts being offered on Kraftly. The discount prices will please even the budget buyers. I did notice that they have only 5-day return policy.

Kraftly accepts payments through secure payment options like Net Banking, Credit Card, Debit Card. And yes, the option of Cash on Delivery is also available.

So, if you are a fan of Indian handicrafts, clothes, and other ethnic products, check out Kraftly. You are sure to find something that you like.

Author Bio:

Ananya Jain is a graduate in English Honours. She is an avid reader who is glued to social media all the time. She loves to travel & feels herself when she’s around her mother.

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