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LG PuriCare Air Purifiers : Efficient & Stylish devices to clean your home’s air

Just a couple of days ago, I was watching air purity report on some news channel. It showed a very bleak picture of the air we are breathing. Most Indian cities have poor air quality now. And the metros have become like gas chambers. Every day, we are breathing in poison. No wonder the pollution-related health problems like persistent cough, nose and throat irritation, eye problems, skin allergies are becoming so common. We have spoiled our air, and now we are paying its price.

It’s not just the outside air that’s poisonous. The air inside our homes carries many pollutants too. The general problem of air pollution requires major steps like growing of trees, curbing polluting vehicles, industries, using greener technologies etc. Thankfully, cleaning the air inside the home is much easier. Many air purifiers are now available in the market to make the air inside your home or office healthier.

LG PuriCare air purifierLG Electronics too have an Air Purifier range called the LG PuriCare. LG as a brand is known for bringing out consumer electronics that are energy efficient and user friendly. PuriCare too provides efficient air purification and is easy and convenient to use.

Real-time reading: LG PuriCare provides a real-time reading of the pollution in the room. It has smart PM 1.0 and gas sensor. This smart sensor can automatically set the air flow and operation according to the pollution level in the room.

360 degree purification: PuriCare air purifiers are round in shape. The round design helps them in delivering 360 degree purification, without leaving any blind spot. That is, LG PuriCare absorbs pollutants from all directions, and delivers clean air in all directions.

6-step filteration: PuriCare passes the Inflowing air through a 6-step filtration system to better eliminate dust, harmful gases and foul odours to deliver purified air. These filters work to remove dust (including ultra-fine dust particles), Allergen, Odour components like Ammonia (NH3), and other air pollutants.

Lower duct for directing purified air at low places: The pollution level is usually highest in low regions, that is, near the floor. PuriCare has a lower duct that delivers clean air at low places. This is essential for homes where there are babies. Babies wander around on the floor. So, the purified air needs to be available at those low regions.

Clean Booster: LG PuriCare combines air purifier and a fan to deliver clean air in a wider space. PuriCare’s rotating Clean Booster can maintain clean air flow upto 7.5 m away by creating a circulating air stream.LG air purifier

ThinQ app: LG PuriCare air purifier can be controlled from anywhere using the Smart ThinQ app. So, you can activate the air purifier or check the quality of air in your home even when you are not at home. The app also enables the users to check the purifier’s filter lifespan.

Smart Inverter Motor: The Smart Inverter Motor of LG PuriCare delivers clean air without disturbing the peace and quiet of the room.

Smart Display: The display of PuriCare shows air quality using 6 different lighting colors. The display has touch buttons that can be used to control the purifier.

Stylish appearance: LG PuriCare air purifier has a very stylish and futuristic appearance. It takes small floor space and can be placed anywhere in the room, adding a premium feel to the place.

If you are worried about the air quality in your home and looking for a good air purifier, the LG PuriCare range is worth checking out. PuriCare air purifiers are premium devices designed to work efficiently with minimum disturbance and hassle to the user.

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