#CelebratingTheNew : Innovations that changed my life

LG Electronics India recently hosted a celebration of its 21st birthday in India. And to mark the occasion, the brand launched a new campaign called #CelebratingTheNew. This campaign celebrates innovations that help us to make our life easier and to make our dreams come true. Of course, through this campaign, LG India is showcasing its latest innovations like twin-wash washing machines, inverter ACs and refrigerators, air purifiers and a TV that repels mosquitoes!

The campaign was kick-started with a video advertisement which supposedly talks about aspirations of common man and how following our dreams can change our life. I can’t say I liked the video much. It has weird story line and ends up giving wrong messages, instead of the right ones.

But I do like the idea of recognizing how technology changes life and can help in making dreams come true. I have experienced this magic of technology myself. Whatever I have achieved, little though it is still, it has been possible because there’s technology helping me. I do not know what direction my life would have taken had I lived in a pre-internet world. But it would probably have been much harder, and more restricted.

Thalassemia, a disease that is my constant companion and biggest enemy, forced me out of school after class 8th. I barely attended any classes even in class 8th. I managed to complete my education through correspondence courses, but earning a living remained a huge challenge. I did not have the strength and freedom to go to an office. I started English coaching classes at home. But the earning form that remained too limited.

It was when the internet entered my life that I could finally spread my wings. I live a very home-bound life. Internet became and still is my strongest connection with the world outside. It let me connect with people I could never have met. But biggest of all, it gave me work. From starting as a freelance writer to abridging English classics for a publishing house, to now doing a job with a multi-national company. The company is headquartered in America, I work from the comfort of my home in India. All this is possible because the power of internet is with me.

The second innovation that brought about a change in my life is a smartphone. I know, smartphones have taken over the entire world and changed many lives. But for me, my smartphone brought about a very surprising result. When I first bought a smartphone and tried smartphones apps, I loved it so much I wanted to tell about it to the entire world. That was a time when I was also feeling curious about blogging. I wanted to try blogging. So, I started a free WordPress blog and started writing about smartphone apps on it. It was just a hobby. And I intended to close the blog within a few months. But then, when my blog was just a few posts old, I won a blogging contest (with this post) and won the title of a Samsung Mobiler. All of a sudden, I had stepped into the exciting world of launch events and latest review devices. A student of literature became a technology blogger! It’s been more than seven years since, but this blog that I had intended to close in a few months is still continuing.

However, while a job is a necessity and a technology blog is fun, none of these is my dream and passion. That has always been books. I’ve always loved reading. And ever since I studied literature for my Graduate and Post Graduate courses, I’ve dreamed of being a novelist. It is my biggest dream, and the one hardest to achieve. But even here, the magic of technology is proving to be my greatest support. Internet of course, and the technologies powering self publishing have proved to be great tools. Services like Kindle Direct Publishing and Pothi.com making the dreams of many writers come true. Three of my novels are published now, two of them through self publishing. All have won amazing reviews from their readers. That is what a writer’s soul craves, you know. Even a line of genuine appreciation recompenses for hard work of years.

Have I achieved the success I was craving for? Not yet. But I am not where I would have been had I not tried to find a job, start a blog, or write a book. I have come far, overcome much. And in all of my endeavours, it is the power of technology that has helped me most. No wonder then that I am so fond of various techno treats. Technology connected me to the world, it has been my greatest help while I try to make my dreams come true. I must confess, it has been a big and tempting distraction too. But ultimately, I know I am where I am today because of the wonderful new innovations that have taken over the world. I embraced these new innovations, and they embraced me back.


Jyoti Arora

Jyoti Arora is post graduate in English Literature and Applied Psychology. Jyoti has two great passions: books and gadgets. Her love of books turned her into a novelist. You can know more about her books at jyotiarora.com. Jyoti's love of gadgets turned her into a technology blogger too and technotreats.com is the result of that.

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