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CouponBaazar – for Discount Coupons, Deals & Cashback offers

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In the recent few years, India has seen a change in the shopping trends. More and more urban Indians are choosing online shopping over offline shopping. Great offers and convenience to stay at home and shop 24*7 has made online shopping extremely popular. Following the rising popularity of the online shopping, several websites have sprung up that offer cashback offers and discount coupons of various prominent ecommerce websites. Couponbaazar.com is one such website. On its FAQ page, it introduces itself as India’s largest website that offers cashback and discount coupons. The weird spelling of its name must be because of the unavailability of better spelled domain name. At least, I hope that is the case!

What coupon websites do:

The coupons and offers websites like couponbaazar are not sellers. They just offer coupons and offers. When you select which coupon you want to use, you just click on the given button to visit the ecommerce website. For example, if you want to use a coupon for amazon.com, you go to the coupon’s page and click on Visit Store. That will load up Amazon’s website. All the shopping and payment you do will be done on Amazon’s website. The coupon website will get its commission, you will get your discount, and Amazon will get its sale. Win win for all.
Such coupons and offers website are legal and legitimate sites. They partner with popular ecommerce website to host their discount coupons, and earn affiliate income from them.

Advantage Couponbaazar:

Couponbaazar hosts coupons and offers from most popular ecommerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, MakeMyTrip etc. It also offers deals for bill payment, and phone recharges. Besides the coupons, CB also has cashback offers. But the cashback is only available to registered users. That is, while you can use the coupons without registering at CB, you’ll need to be its member to take advantage of cashbacks.

User Interface:

The user interface of the website is quite clean and simple. The top deals are showcased on the Home Page. The Menu Bar has buttons for Categories, Top Stores and Best Offers that help in saving time while browsing. However, if you click on the About Us link at the bottom, you stay at the Home Page. The Terms & Conditions, FAQ and Privacy Policy pages are working, which is good. I felt that the website looked like a work in progress. I guess it needs some more polishing. But overall, it is simple and quick to use. The website works well and loads quickly on smartphones too.

Great option for budget conscious buyers:

If you are a budget conscious buyer, it makes sense to check out websites like couponbaazar.com before making a purchase. The deals and coupons offered on such sites can be a excellent money-saver. Like using the coupons and offers from CouponBaazar, you can save money even while recharging your phone or paying your bills. And of course, these coupons can make your fashion shopping a more budget-friendly experience.

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