Videotex International introduces its latest TV brand ‘Shinco’ in India.

Shinco 4K Smart TV

While the battle of smartphones shows no sign of slowing down, the battle of Televisions is getting hotter and hotter too. Some TV brands focus on delivering premium televisions with latest technologies. At the same time, there are several others that are targeting the budget buyers. The prime focus of these brands is the competitive pricing that pleases the price-sensitive consumers.

Shinco, the latest TV brand by Videotex (an ODM of LED TVs for various Indian and International brands since 1984), seems to be starting with the aim of delivering currently popular TV technologies at a highly competitive price.

Commenting upon the range of Shinco televisions, Mr. Arjuun Bajaj, Director of Shinco said, “Through vast research and development, we have been able to mass produce smart TVs that are affordable. And since buyers in India have become just as smart as the technology they’re using, the manufacturers of smart TVs have to fast catch up pace too. I want people to believe in the products made in India the way they do any international brand. Our vision is to create a better TV-viewing experience for everyone through our innovative technology and see a more extensive penetration of smart TVs in the country.”

Shinco Televisions:

Shinco is starting with a lineup of TVs in Non-Smart LED TV, Smart TV, and 4K UHD television segments. All these televisions sets are competitively priced and offer a decent set of specifications. With A+ Grade Panel Display, these television sets come with various connectivity options like HDMI, USB, Screen Mirroring by Miracast etc. They have 10W built-in speakers with surround sound.

Shinco Smart TV

Price of Shinco TVs:

  • Shinco’s non-smart TVs SO2A, SO3A, and SO5A are priced at 60cm (24 inch) for Rs6990/-, 80cm (32 inch) for Rs9990/- , and 102cm (40 inch) for Rs 16,990/-.
  • LED TVs SO32AS, SO5AS and SO50AS are priced at 32 inches for Rs 12,990, 40 inches for 19,990/-, and 48 inches for Rs 25,990/-.
  • Shinco 124 cm (49 inch) 4K UHD Quantum Luminit LED Smart TV is priced at Rs. 39,999.00. It is currently available for Rs. 30,999 at Amazon India. The 55 inches models is priced at Rs. 47,999.00. It is currently available at Rs. 37,990 at Amazon.

Cashback and No Cost EMI is available at all models.

Availability and Servicing:

These television sets will be available in India at and PayTM.

Shinco claims to have more than 800+ service centres across India. Users can take advantage of the free Shinco app to register their request for repairs. This app is available in Google Play Store.

While pricing of some of the Shinco TVs is exceptional (like 24 inch TV for only Rs. 6,999), there are cheaper models available by other brands for some display sizes. Although, in a vast market like India, there’s space for everyone, Shinco will still have to face a tough challenge from brands like Vu television , TCL, Micromax etc.

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  1. It has got worst sound quality, hangs while playing 4K video. Screen Mirroring lags always.

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