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Smart Devices are changing our lives. And it’s just the beginning!

Time waits for no one. Not even for those whose sole purpose of existence is to tell time. That is, the watches.

I am a watch. We are born with the knowledge and skill to keep up with the time. Yet, over the ages, the time has threatened again and again to put us out of existence. The only way we survived was by adapting ourselves. By becoming modern, more technologically advanced, gaining more and more skills. And racing through the time catching every passing second.

From spring-driven clocks of the 15th century to mechanical clocks and electric watch, quartz watch, radio-controlled, atomicwe watches have changed ourselves with every changing age. And now that the world is in the age of smart devices, we have become smart too.

I am proud to be the latest generation smartwatch. I have acquired so many new skills. Once, even the smartphone threatened my existence with its inbuilt clock feature. But now, I’ve befriended smartphones and together we make a great pair.  I can track my human’s heart rate, activity, and even sleep! And guess what? Though I am a watch, telling time is no longer my primary function. Actually, I do not know what my primary function is anymore. But that’s a confusion that even a smartphone has! So, it’s okay. And it’s great to be able to do so much more.

Smartwatch cartoon

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But this story is not about me. Although, I am not so humble as to say I played no part in it. But you’ll see that by and by.

Well, this story is about Sanjay. He is a young dude who just finished his school life and would soon become a college student. He looks very handsome now and is super fit. But a year ago, his mirror told a different tale.

When Sanjay was in class 12th, his life revolved around three things. Studying, playing on Xbox, and eating while doing both.

His neighbour and best friend Neha told him one day, ‘Sanjay, you must exercise a little. You are getting fat!’

‘But where’s the time to exercise?’ he asked.

‘Time is here already. You only need a right schedule. I’m in class 12th too. But I run everyday, don’t I?’

‘Well then run away. Don’t disturb me,’ Sanjay told Neha. ‘And you are not invited to my birthday party either. I don’t want a curfew on what I’m eating on my birthday. The whole class will be there, except you.’

‘The whole class?’ said Neha as she stood with her arms crossed and an eyebrow raised. ‘Tina too? Has she confirmed she will come?’

Sanjay looked away.

‘Got it. You haven’t asked her. I guess you didn’t get the time.’

‘I will ask her.’

Of course,’ said Neha, smirking. She knew well it was not the lack of time but lack of courage that had prevented the call.

Tina was their classmate. A gorgeous beauty who queened over not just the class but almost the entire school. She was not a kind queen but Sanjay had a crush on her.

Google Home cartoon

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‘Ok, I’ll call her now. You wait,’ Sanjay declared. Then he turned to his Google Home smart speaker and ordered, ‘Hey Google, call Tina.’

The call was placed and soon Tina’s voice echoed in the room.

‘Hi, Tina, it’s me. Sanjay.’

‘Hi, Fatso.’

Sanjay winced at that word and then scowled as he saw Neha snickering. He took a deep breath, gathered all his courage, and invited Tina to his birthday party.

‘You want me to come to your party?’ Tina asked, sounding offended.


Hmmm, ok, I will, but on one condition. The birthday party will be at a mall and we’ll all watch the latest movie.’

A movie with Tina! Sanjay felt he had already got his best birthday gift.

Yes, and don’t invite your loser friends there. I don’t like that crowd. Also, I will bring four of my friends with me. No, five. You’ll manage movie tickets for all?’

‘Yes, yes, surely,’ Sanjay replied.

‘Deal then. Bye,’ and the call was cut.

‘Don’t do it,’ Neha said. ‘She’s making you a fool. She’s making you pay for her entertainment.’

‘I don’t mind. And why are you still here? I told you to run away.’

‘Fine!’ she said and walked out of his room. Sanjay at once turned towards Google Home and ordered the booking of movie tickets. That mission accomplished, he ordered Google Home to dim the light of the smart bulb. He was feeling romantic, so he turned the bulb’s light romantic pink too. Then he sprawled down on his bed and said, ‘Hey Google, switch on the Netflix.’ His smart TV came to life and launched the Netflix app.


Sanjay stepped on the doorstep of Neha’s house. He knew the smart lock on the door will alert the people inside. If there’s nobody inside, the lock could even record his message. But he had no message to give. He was bursting with wretchedness. If he went to his home, his mother would know something was wrong and then ask a thousand questions. It was better to be interrogated by Neha instead.

A moment later, the door was unlocked. He opened it and stepped inside. Neha came rushing to him.

‘You were right,’ he told her. ‘Tina made a royal fool of me. And I made myself an idiot on top of it!’

‘Why? What happened? Tell me,’ Neha said, ushering him inside.

Sanjay noticed Neha’s mother sitting in the living room. She was reading a book. In front of her, a robotic vacuum cleaner was busy vacuuming the carpet.

‘Namaste, auntie,’ Sanjay said.

‘Namaste,’ she replied. She swept a glance towards her smart vacuum cleaner, then started reading again.

Sanjay followed Neha into her room and soon told her all about his misery. Tina had used him to buy movie tickets for herself and her friends. And then she had made him run to the cafeteria again and again to fetch them popcorns, nachos, drinks etc. While hastening with two loaded trays in his hand, Sanjay had stumbled and fallen. As the shower of popcorns and soda came down on the audience, many had shouted at him. Many had laughed, including Tina and her friends.

‘Because I’m overweight, she thinks she has the right to make fun of me. But I’ll show her. I’ll exercise and get fit. I’ll show her!’

‘Sanjay, exercise and get fit because that’s the smart thing to do. Not to show anything to anybody. And here, take this,’ said Neha, handing him a parcel from Flipkart. ‘I wanted to gift this to you on your birthday. But you can have it now. It’s time for you to #GetFitWithFlipkart,’ Neha chuckled.

Sanjay unwrapped his gift and exclaimed, ‘A smartwatch!’

‘Yes, now let me see how smartly you use it.’


I am the smartwatch that Neha gifted to Sanjay. And I can tell you he did not disappoint Neha. Now, here comes the part that I played in the story. Well, I motivated Sanjay to meet his daily exercising goals. I helped him to monitor his calorie intake. I even helped him regulate his sleep routine. Neha too helped him and encouraged him. They often exercised together.

Couple exercising cartoon

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Sanjay stuck to his resolve to get fitter. And everybody has noticed the difference in him. Even Tina.

Yesterday, Tina walked over to Sanjay at school. The 12th class result had come out and the students were all happy or sad about it.

‘Congratulations, Sanjay! Great result! Topper in Science, who would have thought?’ Tina said.

‘I knew he would do it,’ Neha replied. She had been standing with Sanjay and comparing her result with him. She had got excellent marks too.

‘Well, I’m planning a little party at my home to celebrate my result. I know I’m not first in anything, but at least I’ve not failed! You come too, Sanjay,’ she said, ignoring Neha.

‘I can’t,’ said Sanjay. ‘I no longer celebrate anything with anybody who is not my friend.’ Then he turned and grinned at Neha. She smiled back, happiness dancing in her eyes. He put his arm around her shoulders and the two walked away.

Meanwhile, Neha’s smartwatch and I smiled fondly at our owners. We know their heartbeats and can sense how their pulse races when they are so close to each other. They have not confessed it to themselves. But we, their smartwatches, know how much they love each other. We are happy in their happiness and determined to keep them motivated to stay fit and active.

Some people think technology is ruining their lifestyle. But technology, when used smartly, can help in improving their life. Technological marvels like computer, internet, smartphones have changed the way humans work and communicate. Thanks to them, the work of days can be completed in minutes. Now, it’s time for this technological smartness to spread even further. We smart devices can do so much for humans, make life so much more comfortable. Smart wearables like fitness bands and smartwatches can help you live a fitter life. Smart home solutions can add convenience even to everyday small tasks like switching a plug on or off. Smart refrigerators and air conditioners can adjust their cooling by themselves and save energy consumption with their green technology. Smart air purifiers adjust their performance as per the air quality. Smart televisions and media streaming devices have revolutionized the way people watch TV. Smart vacuum cleaners and mopping robots can take the hassle out of floor cleaning. Smart cameras and locks can make the house securer. AI powered virtual assistants like Google Home can help you in numerous ways, like a true friend.

Smart home

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Frankly, we smart devices have an unlimited potential. We have the power to help you get more efficient, make your life more comfortable. And we can save your time so you can spend it at better pursuits than cleaning floors or standing in lines to book movie tickets, for example. We are your companions. We are your friends. You just need to know how to use our smartness smartly.

Today, smart devices or connected devices or Internet of Things are at the beginning phase. But the #SmartHomeRevolution is taking wing now. Not just in the western world but also in India.  So, be ready for the future. For the time waits for no one.

Post written for #GetFitWithFlipkart and #SmartHomeRevolution contest on Indiblogger

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