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Google PhotoScan: Easy & glare-free scan of old photos

Gazing at our old photos is a great way to cherish our sweet memories. Looking through the pages of an old album is perfect to take a trip down the memory lane. But you might also want to transfer some dear old photos to your phone so you can look at them anywhere, anytime.

A few days ago, I too was trying to transfer some old photos into my phone so I can see them any time I want. I decided to just click a photos of them using my phone’s camera. But that didn’t work well. Because no matter how I tried, the resulting photos had glares in them. That is when I decided to try Google PhotoScan.

Google PhotoScan

Google PhotoScan: Scan old photos on phone:

PhotoScan is a very simple app with only one function – scanning of photos. The highlight of the app is that it gives glare-free photo scans. Not being loaded with many features, it has a very simple user interface. Just launch the app, position the phone over the photo and tap the round shutter button at the bottom of the screen. Four dots and a circle will appear on the screen. One by one, move the circle to the dots and wait as it processes that portion of the image. Once you have covered all the four dots, Google PhotoScan combines these various photos to deliver a glare free photo scan.

App options:

  • You can toggle the Glare free mode on and off. If you are just scanning a small document like a bank receipt, you don’t need to make it glare free. Toggle the mode off. Now, you just need to tap the shutter button to capture the photo. You won’t be asked to cover the four dots in this mode. Thus, it is quicker than the glare free mode.
  • You can toggle the flash off or on.
  • You can rotate the image after it has been clicked.
  • You can adjust the corners of the image even after it has been saved. Just open the photo in the app’s gallery and adjust.
  • Available for Android and iOS devices.

Note: iOS users, also check out Pic Scanner for scanning multiple photos at the same time.

Scan old photos

PhotoScan Review:

I believe that simplicity of use is an essential aspect of great technology. And I love how simple Google PhotoScan is to use. It has one function and it does it well, in a very simple way. The resulting photo colours may not be as accurate as you may get from your smartphone’s camera app. But they are close enough. And the photos are free of any glare spoiling them.

Of course, there are several scanner apps available for our smartphones. Some of these apps offer more feature than just scanning. But these scanners apps may not work best for photos. I tried scanning a photo using Optical Reader and got a comic book type of result. While the PhotoScanner scanned the same photo and delivered a much better result.

So, if you too want to scan some photos, check out Google PhotoScan. It is great for its simplicity and glare-free photos.

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