5G Is Just The Beginning: The Future Of Smartphones

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2019 is likely to be one of the biggest years for mobile. With 5G just around the corner and a multitude of companies investing in devices and other forms of technological development for their smartphones and mobile apps, we can easily expect some major plays from triple-A companies like Apple and Samsung (to reference a couple). Let’s analyse what 2019 reserves us in terms of both hardware and software.

Huawei: The Chinese Take Over

Huawei has always been a company that was highly praised for their hardware. Their “Honor” line of smartphones, for example, has been positively reviewed by many blogs and experts, becoming the first “Chinese super smartphone” to be sold as a separate brand in Europe and US. Given the fact (and that’s quite easy to see) that Huawei has always “copied” Apple’s design, their commercial side of the business has been constantly rising, given the fact that they were bypassing all the research costs and a significant branding value, consequently reducing their products’ prices, compared to Apple’s.

They are currently planning a release of a fully VR based smartphone which is likely to be released in 2025.

Machine Learning
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The Power Of Machine Learning

Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Autonomous Learning have been the three main topics for technology development in the last couple of years. This is due to the fact that companies are actively looking to completely automate their processes, even the ones who are related to a day to day usage. Google, for example, admitted the fact that they are actively looking to include Machine and Deep Learning algorithms, with Python coded tools in their flagship app Google Maps. This gives us big signals of a future (not so far away) development in terms of hardware, since, in order to use such tools, a powerful device is required.


Smartwatches’ Implementation

For now, smartwatches like the famous Apple Watch have always been seen as “a smartphone extension”, or a simple “remote control”. In the near future, we can safely say that they will be optimised for running mobile apps with a far better value than your clock or your alarm. Apple, in fact, has already confirmed a better implementation of Apple Pay with all their smartwatches, which is going to be released as a firmware update in the next couple of months.

To Conclude

The future of smartphones will basically just follow a simple word: User Experience. In fact, as mentioned above in both the Machine Learning paragraph and in the Smartwatches one, everything from now on will be done to strictly optimise the user’s easiness of use. On top of that, as many mobile app development companies are saying, there will be a significant rise in investments in the subject in general, which is likely to move the entire job segment.

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