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LG BOX SLATE : LG India turns empty cartons into tools for education

Recycling is one of the most eco-friendly ways to reduce garbage. Every day, we produce such lot of waste. The more we can recycle this waste, the better it is for our environment.


I recently learnt of one such recycling initiative launched by LG India. Celebrating the Global Recycling Day on 18th March, LG India has introduced the LG BOX SLATE programme. This initiative aims at using the packing material of LG appliances to produce slates for poor elementary students of India.

LG BOXSLATE is a slate made out of empty LG packaging cartons. With the start of this initiative, LG India will encourage its buyers to donate the empty cartons of LG products once the product is installed. Usually, we throw away these cartons or sell them to scrap dealers. Now, these waste cartons can be used to provide writing slates to poor children.

The waste cartons will be collected from the customers. They will then be printed and cut into multiples slates that students can write on. Writing slate is a simple education tool popular in elementary schools in India. But many poor students find it hard to purchase these slates. LG BOX SLATE initiative seeks to enable such children with basic tools to write.

In the first phase of this initiative, LG India has tied up with SHARE. SHARE is an NGO working in the field of education. LG has already started distributing the Box Slates. And as per a volunteer and teacher of  a rural school in Uttar Pradesh, “The children were happy and began writing immediately out of excitement and curiosity.”

So, next time you buy an LG product, don’t throw away the cartons. They can help some poor students to study.

LG BOX SLATE program

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