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Things About Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone that You Never Knew

Samsung has always been a force to reckon with in the world of smartphones. They have pushed the boundaries now and then to produce a smartphone that leaves everyone awestruck. Foldable smartphones are a step in that direction as these promise to offer you an unparalleled experience.

Samsung recently unveiled its foldable smartphone officially, The Galaxy Fold which is expected to be the first in the line of many foldable smartphones that Samsung will introduce in the market. The demo of the phone was demoed in November 2018 while the official announcement was made in February 2019. The booking of this innovative smartphone is likely to open by the 26th of April.

Some things to know

Since it is not every day that you get to hear about foldable smartphones, you are bound to be curious as to what is it all about and what the phone has to offer. We are going to share some details about this foldable smartphone by Samsung that you were unaware of. This will make it easier for you to understand whether it is worth the craze.


The first concern with foldable smartphones that many would have is whether it would be able to stand the tests of time. Can it be ensured that the repeated folding and unfolding would not damage the device?

Samsung has assured the users that the smartphone has been subjected to gruesome testing in this regard. To check the folding of the phone, it was passed through a series of machines that folded and unfolded it repeatedly.

As per Samsung, the folding stress test of the phone is done for about 200,000 times in a week.

The hidden hinge system

The Galaxy Fold uses a hinge system equipped with a multitude of interlocking gears. The interesting thing is that this hinge system cannot be seen from the outside as it is hidden beneath the spine.

Samsung Fold

As you fold the phone down the center, you get the footprint of a smartphone. On the other hand, you get a tablet when the Galaxy Fold is unfolded.  The sides of the phone are the same as the Samsung classic designs you often see. However, when the phone is closed, while it does give you the smartphone footprint, its thickness is nearly twice than what you would expect with the usual smartphones.

Dual display

Taking innovation and technology to the next level, Samsung offers two displays with Galaxy fold. One is the display screen you will see on the outside with the other is seen when the Galaxy Folded is unfolded.

foldable smartphone by Samsung

The external display screen, visible when the galaxy Fold is closed is of 4.6inch with an aspect ratio of 21:9. The main display screen is 7.3 inches with an aspect ratio of 4.2:3. While there is no denying that the main display screen is large, the noteworthy point is that a large notch is seen on its top right corner. This can be a hindrance for some as they watch videos.

Plenty of colours to choose from

The Galaxy fold will be available in a variety of colours. Samsung has announced that the option of customizing the design and selecting the colour of the spine will also be made for the users. Thus, you can have an innovative smartphone with your personal touch.

Optimization of Apps

Samsung has worked with several companies for optimization of apps in the Galaxy Fold. This includes the Office apps as well. As per Samsung, the users will also acquire access to YouTube Premium free of cost.


The large screen of the Galaxy Fold along with the software that it is integrated with allows it to multitask with ease. The smartphone offers the feature of three-app multi-task. Thus, it would be possible for you to use three apps simultaneously.

App continuity

The foldable smartphone will also be provided with the feature of App Continuity. Owing to this app, when the users use the front display for an app, they can pick up from right where they left off after opening the fold. The experience is expected to be quick and seamless.

The ample storage

The smartphone is powered by the 7nm processor with 12GB RAM thereby ensuring that you can expect quality performance from it. The Galaxy Fold is provided with 512GB of storage. Thus, running out of storage is not likely. Since they offer such vast storage capacity, Samsung has cut out the option of adding more memory for the device. Thus, SD cards would not be used with this device.

The two batteries

Samsung foldable smartphone

The device is powered by two batteries, present on the sides of the fold. A specialized engineering process has been used for the purpose.

The multiple cameras

This device is equipped with many cameras. Since it has more sides than a standard phone, the number of cameras has also been increased amounting to six.

A triple-camera arrangement will be seen on the exterior of the smartphone, somewhat similar to the Galaxy S10. Thus, you get the main camera of dual aperture, the zoom camera, and the ultra-wide camera.

A selfie camera is present on the front that can be accessed when the device is closed. When the phone is unfolded, a dual camera arrangement is present. Thus, you get a selfie camera with the second lens. More depth is given via the 8-megapixel sensor.  Therefore, you will get all the possible camera options with this foldable smartphone by Samsung.

Final words

There is no denying that everything sounds great on paper with the Galaxy fold. How effective it would prove to be on the ground remains to be seen. However, one thing is certain; Samsung has paid meticulous attention to detail to every aspect of the phone.

Perhaps this is the reason that the foldable smartphone cost nearly a staggering amount of $2000. At this price, you would certainly expect to be provided with every possible feature and seamless performance. Whether Samsung will be able to deliver remains to be seen.

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  2. Great! I really appreciate your work.Samsung is one of the best phone.The smartphone is powered by the 7nm processor with 12GB RAM thereby ensuring that you can expect quality performance from it.This is really helpful for me.so please keep sharing..