Top gifts for your tech savvy Dad on this Father’s Day

Father’s Day is right around the corner which means that this is your last chance to pick something that your father will be happy to unwrap. Here are some cool ideas to make your tech-savvy father happy. 

father's day gift ideas

For the dad who is a fitness freak

Those who need to be more alert and concerned about their near and dear one’s health can definitely go for a smart wearable, Mi Band – HRX™ Edition. It is a physical-activity tracker designed to help its users become more active, eat a balanced diet, sleep better, and ultimately, turn into a healthier human being living a fit lifestyle. An updated application to the fitness tracker is further optimized, so that it can more accurately track your steps, phases of sleep, weight gain/loss, and so on. The extended data in the “Statistics” menu will enable you to learn more about your father’s health, as well as to view all the characteristics for a certain period – A day, a week, or a month. A little bit of training will help your father see his progress with every day that passes, which is surely going to inspire him to spare more time for morning and evening walks.

For the dad who loves his music

No matter what, nothing can beat the ease and comfort of wireless headphones as they help you to enjoy music without the hassles of wires. Gifting your father this lovely piece of gadgetry can make his life entertaining and easy (and less complicated). As compact and lightweight as it is, the feature-intensive Sony Extra Bass MDR-XB650BT headphones are designed not only to deliver long-lasting comfort to your father, but also optimize bass to provide the desired depth and clarity for taking hismusic streaming experience to another level. The adjustable headband’s structure has been optimized to offer deep bass playback and provide a stable fitting while minimizing vibrations caused by punchy bass notes. Soft cushion ear pads provide a an almost airtight seal for direct bass transmission.

gift for father on father's day

For the dad who loves cleanliness

Floor cleaning robots are perfect gift for fathers that love technology, convenience and cleanliness. They will make your mother very happy too! Here’s a robotic vacuum cleaner optimised with powerful pick-up technology that easily enables clean floors, every day. It starts with different stages of cleaning. The specially designed Edge-Sweeping brush focuses on dirt around edges and corners. Smart navigation and Dirt Detect™ technology work together to clean your entire floor and focus on the areas that need it most. The Roomba® e5 robot can automatically dock and recharge after cleaning so that it’s always ready to go.

Or you can go for Braava floor mopping robots like the Braava 390t. These floor mopping robots can be used to dry or damp mop the floor. These devices deliver exceptional floor mopping and sweeping by leveraging Pro-clean Reservoir Pad and a range of sophisticated optical and acoustic sensors. The Braava 390t has dual cleaning actions, namely single-pass cleaning (straight-line cleaning action) and triple-pass cleaning (with zigzag motion), and is able to process more than 60 decisions per second. The robotic floor mop can sweep up to 1,000 square feet in a single go using its single-pass cleaning motion and up to 350 square feet using triple-pass cleaning motion. You can also fill its liquid reservoir with plain water or with a mild solution of disinfectant (to keep insects out of your home). You can even use it on hard surface floors such as vinyl, hardwood, and laminate. So, you’re aware which button to press after your Roomba 980 has done its job!

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