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Portable exercise cycle adds comfort and convenience to exercising

Thanks to our increasingly sedentary lifestyle, regular exercising has become a necessity to maintain good health. Different people prefer different exercises. Some prefer running, jogging, other may go for strength training or such.

However, there are people for whom the exercise options are very limited. The elderly or people battling with various ailments, for example. There may be various other reasons too that prevent people from going out to exercise. And not everyone can afford or have space in their home for cumbersome and expensive exercise equipment. They need something more convenient, portable, and affordable. That is where portable exercisers can help.

best portable exercise cycle

Portable exercise cycle

Portable exercise cycle is one of the most popular portable exercisers. It basically only has the pedals fixed to a base. The best portable cycles come with digital display for showing data like exercise minutes, distance traveled, calories burnt etc. Portable exercise cycles don’t have a seat attached to them. The user can sit on any chair or sofa that is comfortable, put the cycler in front and start cycling.

Advantages of a portable cycle over regular cycle. Like:

Portable exercise cycles are more comfortable

Portable exercise cycles are more comfortable to use. The user can sit at ease on a sofa or chair and use the exerciser anywhere. Being small in size, these exercisers are light-weight and easy to carry from one room to the other. So, a person can easily carry it to the TV room or the garden, or terrace, and do cycling comfortably and without boredom. It is also a better cycling option for the elderly and people with bad backs or knees.

Portable exercisers take less space

Being small, portable exercise cycles take less space. They can be easily stowed away under or over a table. And they can be easily carried around. I have seen in several homes that a regular exercise cycle remains in a corner and people lose interest in it very soon. And then, it usually becomes a cloth hanger or such. But there’s less chance of that happening to a portable cycle. It is easier and less boring to use. My mother uses it while watching TV. My father prefers to sit in the garden in the evening while using the portable cycler.

Portable exercise cycles are cheaper

Portable exercise cycles are much cheaper than regular exercise cycles. You can easily buy them for less than two thousand rupees. So, they are more appealing option for budget-sensitive buyers.

Best portable exercise cycle

I think the best portable cycle needs to be sturdy, easy and comfortable to use, and with a good digital display. They must also have the feature of adjustable stress levels. So, check for these features before selecting a portable cycle.

When doctor advised cycling to my mother, I browsed through Amazon to check out the options available. I looked at regular as well as portable cycles. I felt my mother won’t feel comfortable on a regular exercise cycle. And the portable cycle options didn’t look sturdy enough. Most had many bad reviews. Finally, I spotted one by Zofey (Zofey Portable Mini Home Pedal Cycle ) that looked sturdy and had excellent user reviews. It also has digital display and easily adjustable stress levels.

I purchased it for my mother. She is very happy with it and uses it regularly. My father and I enjoy using it too. As we can put this portable exerciser easily on a table, we use it for exercising arms as well as legs.

You can check it out HERE

The only thing that I did not like about this cycler is that its digital display does not clearly mention what it is displaying. It auto starts when you start cycling and displays various metrics one after the other. But you have to figure out yourself whether it is showing calories, time, or distance. Also, it skids a lot if the floor is too smooth, like a tiled-floor.

But overall, my parents are very satisfied with my purchase.

Portable Stair Stepper

There are portable exercisers available for stair-climbing exercising too. Portable stairs steppers can exercise arms as well as legs. Their stress level are also adjustable. However, I think stair climbing exercise is not very comfortable for elderly. But it is a great option for professionals bound to their desk in office or home. Even while sitting on their office chair, people can use this for exercise whenever they want.

Check out a portable stair stepper HERE

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