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TCL P8 Series of smart televisions – the AI powered Android TV you can talk to.

AI powered TCL P8 Smart TV
Left To Right: Sarbajit Bhattacharjee – Digital Manager – TCL India, Vijay Kumar – Marketing Manager – TCL India, Sebastian – Chief Marketing Director – TCL India, Mike Chen – Managing Director – TCL India and S.Arasoor Selvan, Sales Director – TCL India

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, our machines now are getting smarter and smarter. While smartphones are leading the race, smart televisions are following closely. Recently, a range of AI powered smart televisions was launched in India by TCL. This new range of TCL TVs is called the P8 series and it includes India’s first 4k AI Android P 9.0 TV. This series comprises of P8S, P8E & P8 TV models.

About TCL

Headquartered in China, TCL has quickly become a global player in the TV industry. In 2018, TCL was ranked No. 2 Global TV Corporation by IHS. The brand claims to enjoy huge popularity in America. Its popularity is also rising quickly among the budget-conscious Indian consumers. Besides smart televisions, TCL has also launched AC, Washing Machines, Refrigerators in India.

Smart TV with AI in India

AI powered Android P TV

The major highlight of the recently launched P8 Series Smart TVs is that these are AI powered Android televisions. They can connect to and control other smart gadgets in the home. Having Android P operating system, they have Google Assistant. And Google Assistant understands voice commands. So, if you have a smart light, fan etc. you can switch them on or off by just talking to your TV. If you say good morning to this TV, it will relay to you the day’s weather and the highlight of your day’s schedule. If you tell it that you want to sleep, it will turn off the connected smart lights. Basically, it is a television capable of supporting IoT.

TCL P8 Smart TV price

Price of TCL P8 TV models

Another attractive highlight of TCL P8 Series smart televisions is that they are very competitively priced.  The price of P8 models (43”, 50” 55” size variants) starts from 27990/-, price of P8E models (55”, 50”, and 43” size variants) start from 29990/-, and  P8S range (65” and 55” size variants) start from 44990/-. This is very attractive pricing considering the televisions are smart, run on Android OS, have 4K resolution, and can understand voice commands. The P8S is the flagship model and has a bezel-less full-screen display and a sturdy metallic frame.

TCL P8 smart tv specifications

Sound and Visual Experience

Besides the AI power and the 4K display, TCL claims these televisions also have enhanced image and sound experience thanks to the AI Fairfield Technology. These smart television also have Sports Mode and come integrated with Netflix and YouTube. Users can also access the expansive gallery of TCL which has content from Hotstar, YuppTV, Voot, AltBalaji, and more. So, users can easily enjoy movies and shows from Netflix and other popular streaming services.

best affordable smart televisions in India

Commenting on the launch of the P8 series, Mr Mike Chen, TCL India Managing Director said, “We are glad to be hosting the official launch of the P8 Series for the members of the fraternity. Our latest series is going to chart a new chapter in the Smart Home appliances category in India, including the Smart TVs. We have utilised the latest advancements in artificial intelligence to move beyond the status quo offerings in the segment and provide a holistic and seamless experience to our users. We are also excited to host special live-demo sessions for our audience, showcasing just how a 4K AI-enabled Smart TV transforms into a Smart Home gadget, helping users control all of their connected Smart Devices through voice commands. We are excited to serve our audience an experience of the seamless world that we have endeavoured to create with the latest product launch and will coming with more such surprises in the coming time to enable smart and innovative living for our users.”

TCL P8 Televsions

TCL P8 series review

TCL P8 series television models can interact with you, they can interact with other smart gadgets, and have AI Picture Engine and AI Sound Engine for better picture and sound quality. They have Google Assistant and are compatible with Alexa. Best of all, they are priced very competitively. All this would make them an attractive option for Indian consumers. However, one must also remember that most Indian homes don’t have smart gadgets like smart lights, fans, or robotic vacuum cleaners. We have not yet caught the IoT craze. So, although the ability of the TV to control other smart gadgets is attractive, it will be of little use for most budget-buyers in India.

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