3 ways to download Bing Wallpapers on Android phones

Download Bing wallpaper on computer

Do you like Bing wallpapers? I love them. 90% of the wallpapers I have on my laptop are saved from Bing. Downloading Bing wallpapers on Android phones is easy too. And now, you can even get every new Bing wallpaper on your phone’s home screen automatically. Read on to know how to download Bing wallpapers.

How to download Bing wallpapers on Android phone

Download from Bing.com:

If you want Bing wallpapers but don’t want to install any app for it, then you can use this option. Just open bing.com in your phone’s browser and download the day’s image.

When you open the Bing homepage, you’ll see the day’s wallpaper with the search bar over it. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll find the description of the day’s image. Look for the Download button (downward-pointing arrow) on it. Just tap on this button and the wallpaper will be downloaded to your phone’s gallery.

While on Bing homepage, you can also check the latest news in the news feed. And here’s what I love the best, you can play casual games on it too. My favorite game is the jigsaw puzzle. Other games include Sudoku, Sliding Tiles, quizzes, etc. You’ll find these games below the news feed.

The advantage of this method is that you don’t need to install another app. You can save the Bookmark for Bing on your homepage for quick access.

The drawback is that you may forget to check the wallpaper image every day and may miss out on a great one. And viewing previous wallpapers will require several extra steps.

Bing Wallpapers app:

Bing recently launched a dedicated Android app for Bing Wallpapers. Besides seeing the day’s image and its description, you can access previous wallpapers too from the app’s gallery. You can also browse using image categories, colors, locations. Or you may also download a solid color background if you want.

The best thing about this app is that you can use it to automatically update your phone’s wallpaper every morning with the Bing’s daily image.

However, as of now, this app is not available in India and may not be available in some other countries as well. Being in India, I was not able to check out this app and can’t give you its review.

Google Play Link

Download Bing wallpaper on Android

Bing Search app:

The good news is that you can get most, if not all, features of the above-mentioned app through the Bing Search app as well. And it brings you so much more. You can download Bing’s wallpaper every day or set the app to change your wallpaper with new images automatically. Also, you can use this app to search on Bing or as a browser. You can read the news in its news feed which looks more pleasant than the news feed on Google Search app. It also has a QR Code reader and voice search easily accessible from the app’s home screen. There are also some useful quick search buttons like Offers, Cricket, Weather, etc.

Google Play link

How to download Bing Wallpapers on your computer

You can download the Bing Wallpaper on your laptop or desktop very easily. Just go to Bing.com. Open the description of the image given at the bottom right corner. And then click on the download link.

If you want your computer’s wallpaper to automatically update with Bing’s daily image, that’s possible too. Some time ago, Microsoft also launched the Bing Wallpapers desktop app. You can install it on your computer and have a new Bing wallpaper on your home screen every day.

Get the Bing wallpaper desktop app from Microsoft.com

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