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LinkedIn virtual events solution launched globally

The onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic may have forever changed the way we work. With the world going under lockdown restrictions, our schools, colleges, and offices have moved within our homes. The good thing is that technology is racing ahead to equip us to work from home efficiently and productively.

LinkedIn Pages

On May 13, 2020, LinkedIn announced the global launch of a virtual events solution. It uses the integration between LinkedIn Live and LinkedIn Events to help companies stay connected with their online communities in real-time.

Announcing the launch, Ajay Datta, Head of Product, India at LinkedIn said, “As the business world moves from in-person conferences to virtual events, we recognise how important it is to equip our customers with tools to bring the professional community together – online, in real time, and at scale, in the safest way possible. Real-time interactions are at the heart of building relationships, and now more than ever before, these real-time interactions are critical to our customers. So we decided to accelerate our product roadmap to launch an integrated solution that helps bring the professional community together virtually, and strengthens relationships with targeted audiences.”

LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn Live:

Using LinkedIn Live, companies can live stream the virtual events to event attendees. This helps companies to host live, real-time events in a trusted environment. Live events help in attracting the right professional audiences. LinkedIn Live helps in strengthening the reach and engagement of the companies by getting them more mileage for their events.

As per LinkedIn, the LinkedIn Live solution has seen good traction with 23X more comments per post and 6X reactions per post, compared to the native video. Also, LinkedIn data shows that 82% of audiences prefer seeing live-streams from brands instead of regular social posts. That is why, as per LinkedIn, 45% of senior leaders are considering using virtual events and conferences more.

LinkedIn Events:

LinkedIn Events was launched in October 2019. This platform enables companies to create an event via their LinkedIn Pages.

LinkedIn Virtual Events

The new Virtual Events solution:

Virtual Events solution is the latest offering from LinkedIn which integrates LinkedIn Events, Pages, and Live, and allows companies to build a more personalised online event experience for their audiences. It is available to all members across all markets on desktop and mobile.

Using the LinkedIn virtual events solution, companies can drive better reach with targeted audiences by simply sharing the event with their Page followers. Event organizers can also share direct invitations of the event with their first-degree networks. These organizers can improve the engagement before and after the event by posting and ‘recommending’ updates to the followers and network members. Once the virtual event is over, organisers can also keep the conversation going with the Video tab. This is a dedicated hub for Page’s organic video content. The Video tab can help companies extend the shelf-life of their live video content and increase its reach.

For more information, check out the blog post by Ajay Datta.

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