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Workout at home: Portable exercise equipment for your home gym

Portable exercise equipment can be an excellent way to workout at home. Locked within our home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we need to keep ourselves fit. Exercising regularly isn’t just good for your health, it also affects your mood. When you exercise, your body releases hormones called endorphins. These are also called the feel-good hormones because they act as a pain reliever and happiness booster. They can help you fight stress and gloom.

So, even if your life has become locked within your home, you need to exercise regularly to keep yourself fit and happy. And to help you do that, here are some affordable and portable exercise equipment for you. They can bring the gym to your home at an affordable price. And best of all, they don’t take up much space.

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Portable exercise equipment for your home gym

portable exercise cycle - exercise equipment for elderly

Portable exercise cycle:

Exercise cycles usually take up a lot of space and are expensive too. Moreover, after some initial use, they often end up gathering dust in a corner or being used as a clothes hanger or storage stand. That is why, when our doctor advised my parents to buy an exercise cycle, I got them a portable exercise cycle. This portable exerciser takes up very little space. We keep it under a side table. And every evening, my father picks it up and takes it to the garden and uses this portable exercise cycle while sitting comfortably in a chair. Even my mother finds it very easy to use despite her painful knees. 

There are several kinds of portable exercise cycles available. I bought the exercise cycle that has an adjustable resistance level, LCD display, and sturdy build. My parents have been using it for over a year. You can check out my review of this portable exercise cycle. While anybody can use this portable exercise machine, it is a perfect exercise equipment for the elderly. They can exercise on it while sitting comfortably on a chair. It can be used to exercising arms as well.

Usual price: Under Rs. 2,000.

Check out Portable exercise cycle at Amazon

I have personally tried the above mentioned portable exercise cycle and can recommend it to you without any doubt. In addition, here are some other portable home exercise equipment that can help you exercise at home.

Portable push up bars:

Do you want to do push up exercise at home? Check out portable push up bars. You can use these to do power push up training at home. These portable push up bars by Strauss have ergonomic handles and non-skid grip. They come in pairs. You can use these portable push up bars to tone your abdomen, hips, chest, and strengthen your upper abdomen, chest, shoulder, and triceps, biceps.

Usual price: Under Rs. 500.

Check out push up bars on Amazon.

Mini pedal stepper - portable exercise equipment

Mini Pedal Stepper:

Do you want to do stair climbing exercise but have no stairs in your home? Check out this Mini Pedal Stepper. This pedal exerciser has been designed to put less strain on your back, knees, hips, and ankles while you do cardio exercise. It is a compact home exercise equipment that you can easily store under a table or bed. It has a sturdy build, and low-impact, user-friendly design with an electronic display monitor which tracks strides, exercise time, and calories.

Usual price: Between 2,000 to 5,000 Rs.  

Check out the Mini Pedal Stepper at Amazon.

Tummy Trimmer Abs Exerciser:

You can use this portable home exercise equipment for burning your abdominal fat and shaping your shoulders, arms, and thighs. It has a double spring for durability and Anti-slip PU handle for ease of use. This portable exerciser has an adjustable pipe and pedals. It can give you a whole-body workout without having to go to a gym.

Usual price: Rs. 500 to 1,500.

Check out portable tummy trimmer at Amazon

Extra: You can also use Tummy Twister to exercise your abdominal muscles. Check out this magnetic acupressure tummy twister.

portable abdominal wheel roller - workout at home

Abdominal Wheel Roller:

If you want to do some intense workout and tone your whole body, an Abdominal Wheel Roller might be a good choice for you. It too is portable exercise equipment that doesn’t take up much space. You can use it to exercise your Abdominals, Shoulders, Arms, Chest, Back, Core, and Obliques. But be careful in its use as carelessness might cause injury. You will find several tutorial videos about it on YouTube. There are several Abdominal Wheel Rollers available in the market.

Usual price: Under Rs. 2,000.

Check out Abdominal Wheel Roller on Amazon.


There are many types of home exercise equipment available in the market. The portable exercisers are affordable to buy and take up very little space in your home. Because you can easily carry them from one room to another, you are more likely to use them than the bulky equipment that stays in a corner. You can easily get portable exercise equipment from online stores like Amazon. But before you buy any fitness equipment, research about it thoroughly and check with your doctor whether it is safe for you. And before using it, always read its usage instructions carefully to prevent injury.  

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