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Thru by DigiValet: Check-in into a hotel using your phone

Thru is an innovative solution by DigiValet. It is designed to make your hotel check-in experience hassle-free. It lets you check-in into a hotel using just your phone. DigiValet claims it is world’s first end-to-end contactless cloud-based hotel check-in solution. It is especially relevant considering the safety requirements during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

DigiValet is the maker of several innovative guest-facing technologies across luxury hotels such as Armani, Raffles, Aman, Bvlgari, Oberoi and W. The Thru is DigiValet’s latest innovation which provides an end-to-end cloud-based solution for hotel guests. Using Thru, people can complete their entire check-in process from their phones. They don’t even need to download any app or software.

Announcing the launch, Rahul Salgia, Founder & CEO, DigiValet said, “Thru has been designed to allow for rapid adoption and seamless implementation. It can be up and running at any hotel in just 1 day using an entirely online sign-up process. Hotels do not need to buy any additional hardware or software. Further, Thru comes with absolutely no adoption fee or any exorbitant capital layouts. In fact, Thru’s per check-in model means that the service pays for itself.”

Thru for remote hotel check-in

Advantages of Thru for hotel check-ins:

  • Users can check-in into a hotel remotely from anywhere in the world. This eliminates all conventional touchpoints that the hotel guests and staff may otherwise be exposed to.
  • Thru is designed for a hassle-free experience and is remarkably easy is to use.
  • Thru can help cut down the queues at the hotel reception.
  • It removes the need for physical exchange of identity cards, forms, and credit cards.
  • By removing touchpoints and facilitating remote check-ins, Thru makes hotel check-ins safer, considering the ongoing COVID-19 situation.
  • Thru assists hotels by improving their operational efficiencies.  It reduces the manpower costs and prevents hotel lobbies and receptions from becoming crowded during peak check-in and check-out times.
  • Thru supports multiple languages.

How to use Thru for hotel check-in

  1. When someone makes a hotel booking, Thru sends an invitation SMS to them 48 hours prior to their scheduled check-in. This SMS invites them to use the service by clicking the included link.
  2. When the guest clicks the link, they are prompted to scan their identity. Thru uses these scanned identity cards to fill the registration card fields automatically.
  3. Next, the guest can review all the details. If everything is correct, they can sign digitally. Thru even offers them the option to pay the pre-authorization amount using their preferred payment method.
  4. Finally, the guest receives a confirmation code confirming the completion of the process.
  5. Upon arrival at the hotel, the guest just needs to show this code to check-in. All they need to do now is to pick up their sanitized keys and head to their rooms.

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