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Oye Happy: To help you find unique gift ideas easily

Unique gift ideas can make any event special. Gifts are fun anyway. They show you care and want to make the other person happy.

However, gifting can be very stressful too. Because if you don’t get it right, your gift might do more harm than good. You don’t want your gift to say you just completed a formality. You don’t at all want your gift to announce you have no idea what the receiver likes or dislikes. You want to give something that expresses your love and makes the other person feel special. Gifts need not be expensive to be good. Even a flower given at the right moment and with the right feeling can mean the wealth to someone.

How to find unique gift ideas?

Finding unique gift ideas can be a tricky business. But here comes technology to your rescue! There are several unique gift websites that can help you find special and personalized gifts or unusual presents. Whether you are looking for a unique Valentine’s Day gift for him or her, funny gift for friends, unusual Christmas gifts, unique gifts for girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, father, mother … you can easily find them online now.

There are several unique gift sites in India now. They make shopping for special gifts easy and fun. One of these is oyehappy.com. If you are looking for unique gift ideas, you’ll find plenty at Oye Happy. I recently tried this gifting website. Here’s my review of it.

Disclaimer: I received a gift voucher to experience Oye Happy’s products. But the review below is honest, and the views expressed are my own.

Oye Happy unique gift sites india

Oye Happy: Unique gifts to make your loved ones happy

Variety & uniqueness:

The first thing you’ll notice about Oye Happy is the variety of gifts. These are not your usual flowers and chocolate type of gifts. They are remarkably different. And there’s a wonderful variety of unusual presents to choose from. I feel this website is especially useful for romantic couples as there’s a large variety of romantic and ‘naughty’ gifts here.

The variety includes digital gifts, personalized gifts, and prank items. They have the potential to make the receiver feel special, raise warm smiles, and even make them laugh. The gifts include items such as Name a Star, Plant a Tree, All About You Video, Photo Magnets, 24 Hour Virtual Surprises, naughty games, prank cards, etc.

User interface:

Oye Happy website is easy to navigate. You can browse for your perfect gift as per occasion, relationship, and gift types. I liked that the Occasion menu includes a category called Just Like That. Sometimes you want to give a gift to your dear one even if there’s no special occasion. This category catalogs many interesting gifts for such times. I enjoyed browsing through it a lot. You can also browse for gifts available for Next Day Delivery.

The website has cheerful colors and well-organized layouts. The sliders and carousels work well to display featured gifts and gift categories. The site uses a Sticky Header so the Header Menu, Search, Wishlist, Cart, and Account options are always available to you, even when you are at the bottom of the page.

Oye Happy does not have smartphone apps yet, but you can easily browse the website on your mobile. However, the website looks a bit cluttered on a mobile screen. It may do better with a bit more of white space.

One good thing about Oye Happy is that you can choose the gift delivery dates. And one weird thing is that when you try tracking your order, you are taken to a third-party website.


Oye Happy is full of unique gift ideas. However, these don’t come cheap. The Mini Radio Show, which is a recording mailed to you, costs about Rs. 2500. A prank card with a mirror inside will cost you over Rs. 170. A set of five small plastic magnets with photos can cost you a thousand rupees.

In short, if the budget is a constraint, then you may find Oye Happy a bit expensive. However, if you want to gift something unique, special, funny, quirky, mischievous — you’ll find plenty of special and unusual presents on Oye Happy.

Payment options:

Oye Happy accepts payment through Credit/Debit cards, PayTM, RuPay, and Cash on Delivery. As of now, I don’t think UPI is included in the payment methods.

photo magnets india

The gift that I purchased from Oye Happy:

I purchased Stuck On You from Oye Happy. It’s a set of five photo magnets. The package also includes a marker pen and an eraser. I suppose these will come in handy if you want to doodle on the photo frames. The frames are plain white. There was no other color option available.

As these are photo magnets, you can insert photos in them. Each magnet can hold a photo of your choice. They measure 2 x 1.5 inches. The size looks perfect when these five magnets are stuck together on a refrigerator.

When you purchase these photo magnets, you can submit digital copies of five photos. Oye Happy will put their prints in the magnets. Later you can easily change the photos by putting in new ones.

This Stuck on You set is priced at Rs. 990 on Oye Happy. It feels expensive to me. But I have no complaint with their quality. They don’t feel flimsy or cheap. I have little use for the marker pen and eraser, but I’m happy with the magnets. I gifted the set to my mother, and she is delighted to have the pictures of her kids and grandkids on the fridge.


If you want unique gift ideas to make your loved one feel special, then Oye Happy is worth checking out. Its products are definitely different from usual gifts. In fact, I think you will have a lot of fun just browsing through this website and finding so many unusual presents. So, check it out!

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