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Compaq Hex QLED 4K Smart Televisions – Highlights & Price

Media streaming services such as Netflix and Prime Video have changed our TV watching experience forever. There was a time when neighbors gathered in one home to watch a movie or show like Chitrahaar. Then TV viewing became a family activity and a companion of our mealtimes. Now, TV is becoming increasingly personal. We want to watch what we like to watch, at a time that is convenient for us. That is why web series and OTT services are gaining such rapid popularity in India.

However, to enjoy the personalized viewing experience of such services, you need a TV that can connect to the internet. For this, you can use devices such as Fire TV Stick, or buy a Smart TV.

This is the reason why more and more consumer electronics brands are launching Smart Televisions in India. Today, US-based Compaq too has leaped into this race. And if the brand’s first Smart TV offering is any indication, it is going to give a tough challenge to other brands. Compaq has launched its first range of Smart TVs through a licensing association with Ossify Industries.

Compaq Smart TV HEX 55t

Compaq Hex QLED 4K Smart Televisions

The US-based brand Compaq stepped into the Smart TV segment in India by launching its flagship QLED 4K series called Hex. Hex TVs are available in 55-inch and 65-inch versions. The introductory price of these two models is INR 59,999 for its 55-inch Hex and INR 89,999 for 65-inch Hex TV. These TVs are available on Flipkart from 1st September 2020.

Compaq Smart Televisions in smaller sizes and more affordable price points will also be available in the coming weeks. All Compaq Televisions are made in India.

Commenting on the launch, Anand Dubey, CEO – Compaq Television Business said, “With this launch, we have taken the first of many steps towards establishing that Compaq as a brand that presents great options to customers in all segments and sizes of smart televisions.” “We endeavour to ensure that Compaq Television consumers not only enjoy great products with the most innovative and ergonomic technology that delivers perceivable and intelligent benefits; but also, best in class customer service which delivers utmost ease of use and peace of mind. With Hex, we deliver that and more.”

Specifications and Features of Compaq Hex QLED Smart Televisions


The Compaq Hex has a bezel-less screen in a diamond-cut all-metal body. It comes with advanced display technologies. These include Wide Color Gamut Plus technology that delivers 1.07-billion color spectrum. These TVs are capable of delivering 4K UHD visual quality in 3840 x 2160 pixels with HDR10. All this translates into sharper pictures, truer colors, and a more immersive viewing experience.

Compaq HEX also has the Experience Stabilization Engine (ESE) to optimize display attributes such as contrast, depth, color, and dimensional variations during frame transitions, and adjusting these as per the user’s environment and ambient lighting. This reduces the chance of the picture blurring in action-packed scenes.


Just impressive visuals are not enough for a great TV viewing experience. You also need a good sound quality. The Hex range of Smart Televisions has Dolby Audio capable of delivering immersive 5.1 surround sound. Hex also has DTS TruSurround for richer and zero-compressed audio and Pure Sound technology for comfortable sound output across the room.

Best of all, Compaq Hex televisions are also equipped with Mimi Hearing Technology. Compaq is the first brand to offer this technology in televisions. It optimizes and adjusts the sound to the user’s profile for a more comfortable, safe, clear, and personalized hearing experience. This feature will be available even in smaller Hex models.

HEX 55 Smart Televisions by Compaq

Other Specification of Compaq Hex QLED Smart Televisions

Compaq Hex QLED series is equipped with Quadcore processor with Mali Graphics Processor. It has 2.5 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM. For smoother connectivity, Compaq Hex range has 2.4G and 5G Wi-Fi capability. These televisions also have Bluetooth, 4 HDMI ports, and 3 USB ports. These USB ports include a superior USB 3.0 port. Compaq Televisions are Certified Android TVs and give the users full access to Google Play Store.

These smart televisions by Compaq sound very impressive. They promise to deliver efficient performance, stunning picture quality, and better audio experience. These TVs are super slim and look stylish. If you want to know more, head over to Flipkart and check them out HERE.

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