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Colorize black and white photos online for free!

You want to colorize black and white photos. Of course, you can turn black and white photos into color on Photoshop. But not everyone knows or uses Photoshop. What we need is a free and easy way to colorize photos online or via a smartphone app.

Well, the good news is that there are several such websites and apps available that can help you do it. I was recently introduced to one of them.

This service is aptly named Image Colorizer. It can help you to automatically colorize black and white photos online. It is an AI-powered service that can fill colors in your old black & white photos.

So let’s check out what it offers.

black and white photos of flowers
Image from https://www.pickpik.com/

colorize black and white photos. convert black and white photos into color
Photo colorized at https://imagecolorizer.com/

Several options to colorize black and white photos

Image colorizer tool is available online, through downloadable software, and smartphone apps. You can use the Image Colorizer tool on its website. If you often need to convert black and white images into color, you can download its software on your computer. If you love tinkering with your photos on your phone, the smartphone app is ideal for you.


If you just want to convert one or two photos into color images, you can do so on Image Colorizer’s website. The tool is easy to use. The user interface is clean and simple. And you don’t even need to create an account to use it. Just visit Image Colorizer’s website. You’ll see a box in which you can upload or drag & drop your black and white image. The tool supports images that are Less than 4MB, 3000×3000, and in .jpg .jpeg .png formats. When the image finishes uploading, click Start. Once the image processing is done, download the colorized image. This is a simple way to convert black and white photo to color online for free.


Image Colorizer is also available as software for Windows as well as Mac devices. This option is more suitable for people who want to convert many black and white photos into color. The software is free to download and easy to use. The company also promises free software upgrades for life. Besides colorizing your old photos, this tool also helps in optimizing them and adjusting their various parameters such as exposure, saturation, hue.


If you are looking for Black and white photos to color app, then Image colorizer has Android and iOS apps for you. The apps have free and pro options. For free users, the app resizes large images to 1200 x 1200, whereas pro users can download larger photos. Pro users can also use special filters and effects on their photos.


The security and privacy of our data is important. That’s why Image Colorizer assures that all uploaded images are cleared every 24 hours. No user-uploaded photo is stored and used for any other purposes without the user’s permission.

Can you really turn black and white photos into color?

Don’t expect your black and white photos to convert into brightly colored images. I tried several photos. I got a dash of skin color on people’s faces, a bit of blue shade on the sky, and some brownish or yellowish shade on flowers. Nevertheless, using this tool was a lot of fun.


I tried a couple of other similar tools too for comparison. These include colorize.sg and the online photo colorization tool at playback.fm. But the results were more and less the same. What makes Image Colorizer better is that it also has downloadable software and smartphone apps. So you can easily use it to turn black and white photos into color online, use its software on your computer, or play with your photos on your phone using its apps.

I have been trying the Image Colorizer for the past couple of days. It is very easy to automatically colorize black and white photos online for free. The online tool at https://imagecolorizer.com/ is simple to use. What I liked best is that I didn’t even need to create an account. Try it. It’s fun!

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