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Best Free OCR Tools – Convert Images into Text

In the past few years, we have witnessed dramatic changes in technology. If you are looking to digitize a magazine, an article, or just looking to convert an image into text, you would surely not want to spend your time typing and then fixing the typos. However, all the hassle could be easily brushed away by going for the OCR tool. The advanced technology of Optical Character Recognition helps everyone convert images to the text within seconds.

You would be wondering how the OCR technology recognizes text in an image. Firstly, the tool deeply analyzes the entire structure of the image. Afterward, it divides the images into different segments. The tool singles out the characters and numerous hypotheses are generated. The hypothetical data is then analyzed by the tool; the software analyzes different probabilities, and then finally, it presents the text. The tool deploys an advanced methodology for extracting the text on photos for making it editable.

The Internet is swamped with the image to text converter free OCR tools. You would find them easily and won’t have to spend your time looking for a utility that could convert images into text. The best part of this tool is that you would find it for free and won’t have to pay any charges. Moreover, the free OCR tools don’t require the user to get registered. The portal only needs the users to come up with an image and upload it to the tool; the online utility will perform the rest of the processing. Below you will find some online portals that allow the user to convert image into text without paying any charges.

Image into text, free OCR tools online

Search Engine Reports – Image to Text Converter

This tool provides you the option of extracting the text from the image. It is a free online OCR tool; all you would need is to upload the image to the tool, converting the image into editable text. Typing manually is a herculean task, and no one has the stamina to spend their time typing text from an image. Instead, it would be a better approach to go for an online free image to text converter. 

This tool has the potential to convert images to text without any errors and mistakes accurately. If you are worried about the compatibility of an image’s format, then you should brush away your stress. This image to text converter by searchenginereports.net supports all image formats no matter if it’s in PNG, JPG, or JPEG. It’s impossible to copy text from an image, and writing it manually is quite a laborious chore. Therefore, you would need the image to text converter tool.

DupliChecker – Free OCR Tool 

It is also one of the leading online platforms providing the utility of converting the image to text on the go. The picture to text scanner allows the users to convert image into an editable text. A few years ago, when the technology wasn’t available, most people used to manually write text from images and visual graphics. However, now the situation has turned around. Life has become easier with the inception of OCR technology. There is no need to spend hours manually writing text from an image. The image to text converter has enabled the internet users to extract text from an image within a matter of seconds. 

If you are worried about the accuracy of the results, then along with this tool, all the online utilities are ensuring that the user must get accurate results. The tool supports all image formats. You would just have to upload an image to the tool; within a few seconds, it will convert it into text. 

Small SEO Tools – Image to Text Online Utility 

Apart from the utilities mentioned above, you can also extract text from an image through this tool. The online image to text converter is free to use and doesn’t require the user to register. Moreover, it only asks the user to upload the image, and the rest is processed by the OCR tool itself. It helps the users to get the editable text without charging a single penny. You would need to worry about the accuracy of the results, similar to the aforementioned tools, the accuracy of this online utility is also 100%. You can easily access the tool on the internet. Most importantly, it doesn’t require you to have any technical skills; even a naïve internet user could use the tool. You would need a good browser and a stable internet connection for using the image to text converter.  

The online tool lets the users convert static pictures into editable text. Digitization of the text present in images would help you streamline your work, and you won’t have to manually look at all the photos when you need them. The tool is especially helpful when you require to manage business cards. The online utility will let you digitize your business contacts, and you would be able to streamline your contacts without getting into any hassle. 

Final Words  

Nowadays, you would easily find a plethora of free image to text converters. Certainly, you wouldn’t have to go through any research process to find the one that suits your needs. The online free OCR tools are truly revolutionizing the entire web spectrum. New advancements could be foreseen ahead. No doubt, lives have become easier, and now it is quite easy to fetch text from an image. You wouldn’t need to write the text from an image manually. Even the tool could help you in bulk processing if you want to convert several images to text. 

To summarize the point, if you weren’t aware of the OCR technology, then from now onwards, make sure not to spend your time manually writing text from an image. Instead, you should opt for an image to text converter for making the entire intricate process swifter and expeditious for yourself.

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