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ExclusiveLane: Online Store for Indian Handicraft Products

ExclusiveLane is an e-commerce store specializing in Indian handicraft items. It has an exceptional variety of handcrafted products. If you are looking for traditional and handmade products from different states of India, you’d like ExclusiveLane.

I am a fan of traditional Indian arts and handicrafts. So, when I heard of ExclusiveLane, I lost no time in checking it out. I found it to be a delightful place full of beautiful and unique products. It was a hard battle to control my temptation to splurge.

Here’s my experience of shopping at this Indian handicrafts online store.

ExclusiveLane - buy Indian handicrafts online

ExclusiveLane Review

The variety of Indian handicrafts products:

Some online stores, such as Amazon, provide a wide variety of products. Some, on the other hand, are more selective of the products they sell. ExclusiveLane is the second type of e-commerce store. On this website, you can buy Indian handicraft items only. The variety of even these handmade products is very select. Yet, this online handicrafts store has something for everyone. The product variety also includes some items featuring European and Italian art.

The handcrafted products available at ExclusiveLane include kitchen and dining accessories, home décor items, lighting accessories, garden decoration items, handmade jewellery, dhokra art products, Madhubani art, etc. Most of these items are made of ceramic, terracotta, wood, metal, and glass. All the products are beautifully designed by Indian artisans and are perfect for adding a touch of ethnicity to your home.

Out of all these, I especially liked the garden accessories, jewellery, and wood handicraft products.

User interface:

Although this Indian handicraft online shopping site features traditional arts and crafts, its user interface is very modern. The website looks crisp, clean, and uncluttered. The Homepage shows featured product collections in a neat grid. It also displays the latest and trending products of the store.

You can easily browse for the products through the various product categories on the Menu Bar. But the easiest way is to check the Collections tab. It leads you to neatly organized product collections featuring different types of items. Whether you are looking for wooden home décor products, ceramic pots with Mughal art, garden décor items, or metal craft items – these Collections can help you find them quickly. Every Collection page also informs you about the inspiration behind those products, how they are made, and suggests similar Collections to you.

Overall, the user interface of this online handicrafts shopping website is user-friendly and neat. You get detailed information about the product on every Product Page.

Promotion of the Artisans

ExclusiveLane doesn’t just promote handicrafts products, it also promotes the artisans that make those products. It displays the video stories of some artisans on the Homepage and the Artisans Stories page. I think it is an excellent initiative to encourage and promote people who are keeping our traditional arts alive.


Handicraft items don’t come cheap. A lot of manual labour and skill goes into the making of these products. Their handling and transport also need extra care. So, handicraft items are usually expensive. The products available at ExclusiveLane aren’t cheap either.

To give you an idea, a wooden desk organizer can cost you over a thousand rupees. Handpainted terracotta salt and pepper shakers may cost you about the same. But if you love authentic handcrafted products, you won’t mind the price. And the products available at ExclusiveLane are really beautiful and unique.

Payment and Shipping

ExclusiveLane gives free shipping within India if you use an online mode of payment. If you purchase through Cash On Delivery, you will need to pay a flat rate of Rs. 99 for shipping. For international shipping, the company charges Rs. 999 per item.

ExclusiveLane excepts payments through Cash On Delivery, Credit & Debit Cards, RuPay Cards, Net Banking, PayPal, PayTM, RuPay, and MobiKwik.

desk organizer made of wood

My experience with ExclusiveLane

When I browsed through ExclusiveLane online handicrafts website, many items tempted me. I lined up several products in the jewellery and garden décor categories. The handcrafted jewellery is unique. And the decorative garden pots and birdhouses are so cute!

But finally, I decided to begin my relationship with this handicrafts store by purchasing a desk organizer made of Sheesham wood. That’s just because I was in need of one. It is actually more functional than decorative.

The purchase process ran smoothly. I received the product within 2 days. And when I opened it, I was pleasantly surprised to see the quality of the desk organizer. It is sturdy and looks quite durable. The design is exactly as shown on the website. This wooden desk organizer cost me Rs. 1,499, which felt a bit expensive to me earlier. But after seeing the quality and fine craftsmanship of the product, I have no complaints. I’m already looking forward to my next purchase from this website. And that will be as soon as I decide which brass earring I love best!


Overall, I would say ExclusiveLane is an excellent online store for handicrafts shopping. Its variety may not be extensive, but the products are unique and beautiful. You can purchase different types of home décor items, handcrafted kitchen utensils, beautiful garden pots and birdhouses, and unique jewellery items. It’s also an excellent place to find unique gifts.

So go ahead, check out the amazing handicraft products. Visit https://exclusivelane.com/.

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* All images are from ExclusiveLane website.

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