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Mobile Phone Insurance vs AppleCare+: What’s Worth Your Money?

Is AppleCare Plus worth it?

Whilst the world appears to be stilted in many ways, this hasn’t stopped the tech industry from putting their heads together and pushing ahead. In the past year, we’ve seen some incredible advancements, such as; further improvements in AI technology or 5G networks growing in capability and usage – and this doesn’t even begin to consider the self-driving cars that have emerged!

However, like most things, many of us know what we like and stick to what we know. And, what we know is phones!

This isn’t too difficult to understand. Lockdown measures have kept us all inside for the majority of the past year – which means many of us have looked towards our technologies to find a sense of escape. Whether it’s Facetiming with our loved ones, browsing through social media, or enjoying the number of games and applications they provide, our smartphones have quickly become our best friend amidst the pandemic. And, it goes without saying, that leading brand Apple seems to have captured the most attention.

Although the brand has never needed assistance when it comes to attracting consumer attention, the release of the iPhone 12 certainly caused more eyes to turn than ever. Tech lovers across the globe were itching to get their hands on the newest device and explore the new features that came along with it. However, we were also apprehensive about the rather large price tag that came attached – including the upfront, recurring and long-term costs!

As such, our devotion to our phones was quickly partnered with the consideration of insurance options. Consumers now more than ever, want to ensure their device is safe from harm and guarantee that they’re not wasting money on a fleeting purchase. The question that therefore emerges is; how can we find comprehensive cover at an affordable price.

Now, Apple understands this demand which is why they now offer an AppleCare+ upgrade for new Apple devices – which makes the decision of what insurance to opt for even more confusing. So, when making a new purchase, it’s important for individuals to actively compare the protections offered through both the AppleCare+ scheme as well as from third-party phone insurance policies!

Luckily, we’ve pieced together a complete comparison so that you don’t have to! Take a look.

NOTE: This is a reader-submitted article. The views & opinions in it are author’s own and do not reflect the views and opinion of TechnoTreats team.

What is AppleCare+?

Obviously, to gain a full understanding of the differences between the policies offered by third-party provider’s and Apple, we’ll need to explore exactly what the AppleCare+ scheme is offering. So, let’s get down to it!

AppleCare+, for all intents and purposes, is an extended manufacturer warranty. This is provided by the brand and is relevant for a number of its products. Individuals must decide whether they’d like to invest in this scheme, which will provide cover for a period of 2 years, within 60 days of their purchase. So, assuming you have a standard 2-year contract, your device will be covered for its entirety!

The scheme also boasts a number of additional benefits – including tailored repair channels, 24/7 customer service lines and additional direct support means. However, it does differ from usual phone insurance policies in one particular area: the level of cover.

So, what is the level of cover?

AppleCare+, as mentioned above, is basically a manufacturer warranty that has been extended to fit the period of your contract. As a result, you won’t find yourself facing additional charges should any damage occur due to direct manufacturer faults. For example, if no accidental damage has occurred but your device cannot charge, Apple will either provide repair service or replacement service at no cost to you. In this perspective, the claims procedures are fairly straightforward.

However, this doesn’t remain the story when it comes to accidental damage. AppleCare+ does seemingly provide cover for this type of damage but it’s important to remember that you’ll only be able to have two incidents over the course of your contract. After that, your claims will be rejected. Now, this might not seem like a big deal – and maybe it’s not for you. However, for those of us more prone to slips, trips or falls, it could be as you may find yourself without comprehensive cover in the later stages of your contract – leaving you vulnerable to additional repair and replacement charges.

This is where we begin to see the differences between AppleCare+ and alternate mobile phone insurers, as the latter will often provide more protection. When opting for a high-quality insurance policy, you’ll be protected against any accidental damage over and over again – as well as theft or loss. So whether it’s liquid damage from a slip by the sink or a smashed screen from a fall on the pavement, you can feel assured that a quick fix is not far behind. Additionally, if your device is stolen or lost, most insurance policies will account for the unauthorised use and cover the fees for any calls, text messages, or data usage. This is something that AppleCare+ cannot ensure.

As a result, your decision will rest on one final understanding. Can I guarantee only two instances of accidental damage? If not, AppleCare+ might not be the best solution for you.

But, how much is it?

As previously stated, we understand that cost is a prime concern for many of us – especially in the current environment. So how much would an AppleCare+ policy cost you? And how does this compare with a third-party policy?

Well, AppleCare+ will have you facing costs of up to £200 for the cover to last the entire 2 year period. In context, this is approximately ¼ of an iPhone 12’s overall price – so a somewhat hefty sum. Of course, this doesn’t take into account the additional fees that must be considered. Over the course of your scheme, you’ll additionally be required to pay the excess fees – £25 for screen damage and £79 for other types of damage. But these fees will only arise should any damage occur.

Alternatively, a comprehensive insurance policy from a third-party provider will come with some different price tags. In fact, you could protect the same device for an annual cost of £96. Much like AppleCare+, this policy cost will be dependent on your chosen device and will have their own range of excess fees for any repairs or replacements.

The verdict: read the fine print before making a final decision!

When choosing an insurance policy or plan, there is no right or wrong. There is, however, the right decision for your individual requirements and device. More often than not, this will come down to the debate between price and protection. Whilst AppleCare+ will offer you a number of benefits, it could fall short of the level of cover you need to feel secure over the course of your contract. In this instance, the slightly larger sum of a third-party plan could be worth every penny!

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