Checking out ASUS EeeBook X205TA

I sometimes wonder, what would the kids in our future generations think when told that once there was a world where there was no computer or smartphone. Just imagine! Would they be able to conceive how people might still have… Continue Reading

ASUS EeeBook X205 – A Notebook Costing Less Than 15000 INR

Our smart devices are getting thinner and thinner as they get smarter, aren’t they? Be it smartphones or laptops or even desktops. The trend is to make these devices lighter, while still adding to them as big a display as possible.… Continue Reading

LG’s All-In-One Chromebase – Desktop Computer with Chrome OS

Remember the thing called Floppy Disk?  Yes, that flat, square thing that once was so essential for all computer users. But they rose and fell fast, didn’t they? And things moved quickly to other storage devices. However, as technology advances,… Continue Reading