Workout at home: Portable exercise equipment for your home gym

portable exercise cycle - exercise equipment for elderly

Portable exercise equipment can be an excellent way to workout at home. Locked within our home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we need to keep ourselves fit. Exercising regularly isn’t just good for your health, it also affects your mood.… Continue Reading

Portable exercise cycle adds comfort and convenience to exercising

portable exercise cycle - exercise equipment for elderly

Thanks to our increasingly sedentary lifestyle, regular exercising has become a necessity to maintain good health. Different people prefer different exercises. Some prefer running, jogging, other may go for strength training or such. However, there are people for whom the… Continue Reading

Are you a smart smartphone user? Then you’ll not do these 5 dumb things.

smartphone users funny

Our phones are getting smarter and smarter. But are we using them smartly enough? I don’t think so. I know that the high-end phones have so many features that they can get overwhelming sometimes. In fact, our phones have now… Continue Reading