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Syncing of Chrome

Okay, so I love all things Google. And Google’s Chrome browser is no exception. A few days ago, I described it’s App Store. Here’s another great feature of Chrome browser the wonder of which I recently realized. My laptop had been acting up since past couple of months. Finally, when the crashes became much too…


Chrome Web Store

There was a time when web and net were things that were woven to catch somebody. Then came the supreme of all webs that caught millions in its net, and now, there’s no escape. We can’t live without it. We can’t even imagine living without it. At least, I can’t. And to think just ten…

Android Apps | Useful Tools and Utilities


Ever since my mobile got sweetened with froyo, I have installed and un-installed so many apps on it. One app that got me really excited was Audiobook. It is just what its name says. It searched out audio copies of copyright free books. You could save the files and listen to them at your leisure….