Bakfy – A Twitter like Social Network Only for Students

Of course, it is no news that the use of social networking sites is growing everyday in India. And by growing, I also mean that people of older age groups are also now joining in and actively using sites like… Continue Reading

News: Samsung introduces Operator Billing Integration for Samsung App Store

Here’s a bit of good news for all those smartphone users in India who won’t mind buying a paid app if it is good, but hesitate in using a credit card for the purchase. Well, if you own a Samsung… Continue Reading

Google Keep – A Note Taking Android App From Google

The trouble with memory is that it loves playing a false friend. You’d think you can trust your memory and would certainly not forget what’s to be remembered. But just when you are most confident, the memory will play a… Continue Reading

Virtual Bubble Wrap

The wonderful thing about children is that their happiness is not proportional to the money spent acquiring it. They can be just as happy playing with an empty box, bubbles or even a bubble wrap, as with a thousand rupee… Continue Reading